Time for Spring Clean!!

Hi all,

Here we are with the 7th development cycle, the first one in May 2008. The good weather has finally reached the Netherlands, so: Time for Spring Clean!

Which is exactly what we’ve done with the demo site this time: we’ve swept a broom through the menu on the left AND created an easy content menu on top of the screen.

Brings you to your personal homepage with
- an overview of the unread posts in the Villages and Groups you’re a member of.
- Which people from your network are online


Starting to take shape

Dear all,

The results of the 6th development cycle are online now and - if you ask me - I think it's starting to take shape.

Of course the design and styling still have to be done and the navigation is quite tricky here and there.... but again good progress is visible!

What can you see this time?


The Fifth cycle comes out with a bang!

What a past couple of weeks it’s been! Each day we’re getting the feeling that more and more is happening, and the whole picture (a website built to solely optimize all users’ experience) is clearly coming together.

What’s crossed our desks these last few days?

- Two new techies have been hired by NABUUR to help out with the web development. Find out more about it here.


Next: Training for Neighbours

Hi all,

As mentioned in the previous post, this training blog will be used to keep you updated on all things related to training redevelopment. It will also be used as a common space to take your questions and feedback, so please make sure you let me know what's on your mind!


What will the new training look like?

Hi everyone,

With a redesigned website on the way, the training of NABUUR users could not be left behind!


Introducing NABUUR’s newest Techies!

After our programmer James decided to pursue other career opportunities a few weeks ago, NABUUR began to look for his replacement. After some quick work and speaking with different candidates, we are happy to say we have found two more than qualified individuals to tackle the technical side during the website redesign.


Unveiling the fourth development cycle

The past couple of weeks saw substantial development progress, although the work isn’t as visible as in previous cycles. Also, a change at NABUUR: After much consideration, our programmer James has decided to pursue a position with another company, leaving us to say goodbye to a skilled colleague. He will be missed, and we wish him well in his new job. A vacancy for James’ replacement has been advertised, and we’re currently speaking to suitable candidates. In the meantime, the work continues and Rolf Kleef has taken on the lead role in the website redesign.


No NABUUR without Villages

The third development cycle has just been published. This time the additions are more visible than last time.

We’ve managed to open a few Villages that you can join. When you look at the menu on the left you’ll see a new menu item called ‘Villages’. Of course the layout of these Villages is still a bit primitive, and there are no projects, steps and tasks available.

What you can do:
• Join a Village
• See the other subscribers (that will be ‘Neighbours’ soon)
• Invite others to join the same village
• Subscribe to village content


Small steps, big improvements

For the next iteration we would like to include a first verison of 'groups'.

Groups are essentially a seperate workspace which users can join and where people can work together and be updated of each others progress and activities.
The groups system will be the basis for the Nabuur villages but could also be used for other activites where people need to be able to function as a team and coorporate in a groups fashion.

We also expect to be able to show you a first glimpse of external content in the Nabuur website.


The second cycle is now online. What's new? Glad you asked!

Today the second cycle of functionalities was published. A few extra features are visible now, but probably you’ve thought: at this speed it’s going to take ages to get the site working.

We’re aware of that….

Compare it to when you’re building a house. First you have to pick the right spot, the ground has to be evened. Then a hole is dug and the foundation is laid. Until that moment not much is visible, it’s only when they start constructing the real house that you can actually see progress. And the walls aren’t plastered before the whole house is finished.

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