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Choosing the Right Wine for a Meal.

According to Denis Mackenzie, the wine buff, if you’re hosting a dinner party or want to add something that could make your meal a little bit more special, then getting a bottle or two of wine might be the ideal option for you. However, you’ll often come face to face with a tough choice – white or red?

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For those who don’t know much about alcoholic beverages, it may not be too easy to tell which kind of drink will go best with your meal – and this is why it can often be helpful to find out which kinds of dishes work with which types of wines.

Make sure that the beverage fits with the meal

Often, one of the key things to consider when trying to pick a drink that will work well with your meal is to find one that can bring out the food’s flavour, or be a great companion to it, rather than one that will clash and overpower the taste.

Which kind of meal works best for red wines?

In most cases, individuals find that red meats and rich foods go perfectly with this type of beverage. For example, it’s often considered the perfect counterpart to lamb, and most find that it works great alongside tomato-based vegetable dishes.

It can even work for pasta with red sauce too, so if you’re planning to make one of these types of meals, be sure to pick up a bottle.

When should you buy white?

While red often works for richer meals and foods of the same colour, most people find that lighter food often works best with white wine; mainly because it tends to have a fruity and crisp aftertaste rather than a richer, more velvety one.

In general, individuals will find that salads and chicken work best with this kind of beverage, but there are others that might suit its flavours, too. Also, keep in mind that white can also be a great option for celebratory meals and parties, too.

What about champagne?

Some may not know this, but champagne is actually a wine – so if you don’t think that the red or white versions are right for you, you might be curious as to what kinds of meals this kind of drink works best with.

Often, people find that champagne is great for deserts; mainly those that are fruity, creamy and buttery (many people enjoy this beverage with shortbread cookies). However, it can also pair greatly with fish and even fried food, too.

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The Art of Wine and Food Pairing

Wine and food pairing is an art form in which the two are paired to enhance the dining experience. Wine has long been a part of the dinner table and culinary traditions have evolved over the years, making the process of wine making as varied as the foods it goes with. Here are some tips to get you started: Contrasting flavors enhance each other. Salmon pairs well with Chardonnay, while light-colored fish such as artichokes are best served with Pinot Noir.

Contrasting flavors enhance each other

Food and wine pairing is a science of contrast and similarity. While a general rule might apply, some foods are better paired with foods that have opposite or contrasting flavors. For example, a fishy/herbal shad may pair well with a dry, fruity rosé. Pork is also a good candidate for contrasting flavors, because the meaty and earthy flavors of the ham will compliment the wine’s berry flavor. Another example is meaty/earthy – prime rib paired with an aged Pinot noir. Contrasting flavors also play a role in cooking, as well. Foods with nutty or floral flavors, such as a grilled ham, can go well with a dry white wine like Riesling.

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