Elegant Engagement Rings

Tips for Buying an Elegant Engagement Ring

There’s nothing quite as beautiful in the world as when two people come together romantically. Before a wedding comes the engagement and although many people consider buying silver, or even plated rings; there’s no better way to show someone just how much they are cared about than with gold engagement rings from Xennox.

Many people consider gold to be the only material that should be used for wedding bands and with so many sources obtaining this valuable metal; it’s also one of the most affordable. Gold jewellery might seem expensive at first, but when compared to alternatives like platinum it can be a huge advantage that it is so readily-accepted as the material to signify marriage.

Why gold for an engagement ring?

Gold mining has been undertaken for thousands of years, in fact recently mines were discovered in parts of Africa that are rumoured to be as old as 100,000 years – pre-dating even the earliest records of humanity. What gold was used for back then isn’t clear, but these days countries like Africa provide over 60% of the world’s gold.

The substance itself is found in the form of ore, where the gold segments form and grow over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. Once refined, the metal can be poured and shaped much more easily than with other metals; making it ideal for creating jewellery and accessories. What really makes it special is the fact that it’s very easy to maintain – and as gold is valued by its weight (or carat), it can be fairly straight forward to find a ring that will meet the required budget.

Tips for buying engagement rings

When buying a ring you could opt to go directly to a jewellery store, whether they operate physically, or online. These facilities will often produce their own rings and this makes obtaining a one of a kind piece of jewellery quite simple. When buying online you could take advantage of discounts offered by suppliers that own websites, or you could even save yourself extra cash by visiting pawn shops or second-hand premises to find a bargain.

An engagement is a very special event however, and nothing less than perfection should do. When looking for a suitable ring be sure to find out your partner’s size ahead of time, as this will help to ensure that you don’t choose the wrong size in store. Most engagements will be a surprise to the future spouse, so it won’t always be easy to get their ring size – but fortunately most jewellers will be able to calculate the required size and shape based on a ring that they can use as an example.

This can make it even easier to have a custom ring made and one that meets your budget, whilst looking as elegant and exquisite as you had in mind.

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