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That's a good idea,
Now that your application has been approved you can begin to create your project for the December 2015 Open Challenge! Your organization may already be implementing a project that you would like to raise money for or you might be considering kicking off your fundraising efforts for a new program.
I wish your project a success !
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Hi Every one, i am Linda-Claudia Nguyilan from Nigeria, i am because i believe stories make a difference and most importantly i want to learn about others and help them understand where am from and am at and use that as a key to make impact. i am happy to be here.

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Very high literacy rates are prevailing in the Indian state of Kerala. This is good for the society and research paper writing services offered good information regarding this. This is a great success considering India is a developing country. This amazing thing should be achieved all over the country.


Karen, you are most welcome to the Grapevine Hope Centre.
Invite your friends to join us.Join our online fund raising.


Fanatica de las telenovelas mexicanas y peruanas, me encanta las novelas asi como la gata y la imperdonable que las pasan por el canal america television de peru , las novelas son mex

This information is very helpful as we are also facing drought challenges. i need to be versed with how the system works and materials i can use to help farmers in the community.


Dear Kevin,
Thank you very much for your willingness to support our school-The Grapevine Hope Centre.
You may send your donation to the school account/via m-pesa to the school Founder/Director.
I will be able to send you our account details very soon.
Thank you very much for showing interest in Grapevine Hope Centre.
Kind regards,

Raising chickens is a fun and exciting activity especially, when it comes to the touch and feel of the light brown, fresh eggs that might be even pale blue or creamy white. Raising chickens have become much common in urban and suburban backyards. There are various reasons that make raising chickens an interesting one. Here are few of those reasons

  • Easy to maintain when compared to other pets
  • The maintenance is inexpensive
  • Option to get fresh eggs that are nutritious and fresh
  • Brought up in a natural environment without any chemicals

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