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If you need information on how to build ponds this is a website you might want to check out.


I have found six different organizations which may help you get funding. Below is their websites and e-mails.

I have attached the links in a file. I would list the links here but the site always reads them as spam. I have no idea why.



I found a couple of links you might find helpful to contact:



Thanks a lot for your compliments.
Your can support us by making a donation, sharing the link and inviting family, friends, relatives & workmates. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR MORE:

we are a community school in Njiru district.
We are focused in providing access to Quality education to the
poor,orphans and other vulnerable children in sewage slums and its environs.


GHC on line fund raising is now on The link has been created.
The challenge started on Monday on GLOBAL GIVING SITE.
I wish to take this opportunity to WELCOME you.
Kindly take this opportunity to support us. THE MINIMUM donation is

When you support an orphan with training and a pig, you are teaching a child to fish. You have not just given a fish. Pigs are fast growing animals that reproduce up quickly—and breed to produce large number of piglets that can be sold off to get incomes to pay for the basic needs of needy children, education, medical care, clothing, food, shelter. Donate now online:!/projects/pigsofpower



We have made milestone steps at The GHC school and income generating activities. Do NOT be left behind in this noble and brilliant endeavor.
We need you to support us, motivate us, partner with us, inspire us, link us & spread information/message about us to your friends, family, workmates & general public.

Not for profit organisation: Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project is a Christian relief,development,advocacy organisation providing support and care to people Living with HIV and AIDS,their families and communities. NIRP's core programmes include:HIV/AIDS c

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Haaisma’s wish-list includes necessary medical-surgical items as well as basics such as routine pharmaceuticals but it also reveals the clinic’s more elementary needs. “We have a desperate need for beds here,” explains Haaisma. “Currently laboring women lie on improvised mattresses on the floor, but if we’re to increase the quality and comfort of care for our mothers, we need beds and dividing curtains for the ward.”

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