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I have also some information related to irrigation solution.

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I am glad to announce a newly
created NGO called Vision Kids Foundation Uganda (VKFU). This Organisation Aims at helping the disabled,orphans and iliterate children in Uganda. I therefore plead for your assistance and advise because we have not created a website yet though i just use the email listed above. Thanks And God Bless You--

This is really heart warming because there are people who are will to help even without a pay. - Marla Ahlgrimm

If you need information on how to build ponds this is a website you might want to check out.


I have found six different organizations which may help you get funding. Below is their websites and e-mails.

I have attached the links in a file. I would list the links here but the site always reads them as spam. I have no idea why.



I found a couple of links you might find helpful to contact:



Thanks a lot for your compliments.
Your can support us by making a donation, sharing the link and inviting family, friends, relatives & workmates. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR MORE:

we are a community school in Njiru district.
We are focused in providing access to Quality education to the
poor,orphans and other vulnerable children in sewage slums and its environs.

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