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Dear all-

I have been communicating closely with both Adnan and Khadim over the past week with regard to the devastating flooding in Pakistan. Adnan has been able to take several pictures of the the school - it has sustained extensive damage.

Kenya, Njiru Sewage Slums/Village.

Dear Rose,
I am very happy to hear from you.You are highly welcome.
You have mentioned that you are a teacher.
Therefore you basically now the requirements of a school.
We are at our initial stages of growth. If it is possible with you you can be
a volunteer teacher in our school.You can also give ideas on income generating ideas that can help us.
Actually we lack enough desks and classrooms.We are using makeshift structures at the moment.
We need your advice and any form of support that can help us make a step forward.

--am honest n love touching life and creating change in society as to serve the community needs a selfless individual willing to create a better place for all


Kenya, Njiru Sewage Slums/Village.

Hi Mary,
I am Josephat Nyagwaya.I am the Director of grapevine community school in Sewage Village.
I am interested in sharing experiences in community development and project work.
I wish to welcome you to our school.
Thank you.
Josephat Nyagwaya.

Michel Smit

Hi Kimsorn,

I am happy to mail you the first 2 THETA lectures in food preparation to your gmail account. I lost my CD but found a link to download the newest info on

Dear Sa Kimsorn,

How is the Cow bank project doing? I just came by a project which supports Cow bank projects in Cambodia and maybe they are willing to help you. Their name is Project Enlighten, website:
The program provides support in these areas:
Sustainable Community Projects
Environmental Health & Safety
Non-discriminatory cultural, religious & social support
Charitable Economical Assistance
Their Current focus is on South East Asia.

Another place to try for a donated computer is at "Computers With Causes". Their application form is located here:

Their application looks easier than the first one I sent and I don't see anything about additional fees. The computers are collected in the US, but in their application they do have a box for "Country" so I would still apply.

Hello again,

I'm not sure where exactly your village is located, but on the map it looks like it is near Nairobi. I found that there is a not-for-profit organization, called "Computer Aid International" and they have two headquarters - one in London and the other in Nairobi. Computer Aid International provides professionally refurbished computers to educational institutions.

Adnan received a response from the International Book Project. They are asking him to complete the following application which is used when the organization does not need a full shipping container full.

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