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Dear Sir,
You are highly welcome to offer yourself in designing the web address for our school.
I am very happy for your response. It is marvellous.
First may I know the basic requirements so that I can furnish you with the relevant information.
I real feel that this is a great Idea. I also feel that it is of great significance.
What about you? Please give advice and guidance where necessary.
Thank you Very Much.
we are a community based school in Nairobi Kenya.We now have 54 children.

Official Website Launched!

We are glad to present the official website of the Jinja East Village, through our non profit organization which is the Revelation Children Ministries International.


Help design a website address for Grapevine community school project.


Bright poor children out of school due to poverty.
There is a way these children can be helped.


I see your request for a facilitator for your Nabuur village. I have added the vacancy profile to your village to help make that known. Your village is now listed among the rest of those with facilitator vacancies.

You'll find that listing here:

All the best-


I need a partner who can help in constructing shelters for orphans. I already have the land but no resources. Thirty children are in the cold with no hope but we are trying to give them hope. The number is growing every other day

Another development this week - Sajos Academy Kiserian now has its own Facebook Fan Page. It is only a few days old and we have 6 fans so far. If you are on Facebook, please join us there too and become a fan! The more we can work together to let people know about the good work Daniel is doing the better.

You can find the fan page here:

I hope to eventually add a Twitter account too, but would like to wait until the website is fully finished before doing that.

All the best-


Dear all-

I have been communicating closely with both Adnan and Khadim over the past week with regard to the devastating flooding in Pakistan. Adnan has been able to take several pictures of the the school - it has sustained extensive damage.

Kenya, Njiru Sewage Slums/Village.

Dear Rose,
I am very happy to hear from you.You are highly welcome.
You have mentioned that you are a teacher.
Therefore you basically now the requirements of a school.
We are at our initial stages of growth. If it is possible with you you can be
a volunteer teacher in our school.You can also give ideas on income generating ideas that can help us.
Actually we lack enough desks and classrooms.We are using makeshift structures at the moment.
We need your advice and any form of support that can help us make a step forward.

--am honest n love touching life and creating change in society as to serve the community needs a selfless individual willing to create a better place for all

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