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Hello everyone,

Jean-Claude (the LR) has started an initiative on 2011 WePitchit! Challenge and we are seeking your support for "JEKALAINTA". All we ask is that you take 30 seconds to click on the link, and cast your positive vote. If you have another 30 seconds, you could write a comment to support the project! We need about 600 votes, so please help! This is probably the easiest task that will greatly help ASSASS-Burundi

Go To:

Thanks so much everyone!!!
Anna Soper

hey maria thank you for advatisment for those whow want lant but am intrerested in these training but i come fer from Nairobi would like know many thing in nabuurr organization Girls live im Sexcam Chat, Livesex echter Livestrip.

Animal Husbandry Project

Development projects to alleviate extreme poverty.
Volunteers are also welcome to participate on this unique farm project
Millennium Development Goals Project undertaken by a Diaspora Organisation based in The Netherlands

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Kenya, Njiru Sewage Slums/Village.

WE will use Iron sheets, timber/poles or tree rails.It is cheaper and easily available.

Thanks dear.
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I like you buddy.

Wasim Wiki

Dear Josephat and Friends
Sorry for the delay - I have just come back from Christmas/New Year holidays. Happy New Year!

The Sewing Machine Project donates sewing machines and other sewing notions globally. You can reach them through the above website.

Read more about the organization at

Another site is I would try to contact them as well.


Jaime Lorente

Kenya, Njiru Sewage Slums/Village.

You are highly welcome Nevena.You will get to know more about me as time goes by.
Get some info about me from my profile.
Thank you and feel welcome.
we are a community based school in Nairobi Kenya.We now have 57 children.

I am Jingo Joseph Nkumbi, a Ugandan male and a director of a community based organization called Comprehensive agriculture and Rural Development Initiative (CARDI UGANDA) we work with rural peasant farmers by training them in sustainable agriculture. we want to find volunteers who can help us to build a website for our village/ organization. any one with the heart of joining hands with us is welcome.

Dear Sir,
You are highly welcome to offer yourself in designing the web address for our school.
I am very happy for your response. It is marvellous.
First may I know the basic requirements so that I can furnish you with the relevant information.
I real feel that this is a great Idea. I also feel that it is of great significance.
What about you? Please give advice and guidance where necessary.
Thank you Very Much.
we are a community based school in Nairobi Kenya.We now have 54 children.

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