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There is also another facikity near Kisozi that needs your attention .The community has over 40000 people but cannot afford traveling to have a tooth removed!There is there fore a need for a dental clinic in place to save people of this problem.Let me know how best we can contact you

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Being a hoops guy, Colin took expected swipes at baseball - it's too slow, it functions a steroids problem, fat guys can flourish and garner fatter contracts, buy fifa coins xbox one etc. Basketball has it's foibles, also (Colin in order to amazed that Ron Artest keeps finding ways to stay off the employment line, and i would add that the NBA is 25 % populated with complete stiffs).

I have books maybe I can help you out. we own a small little library with bunch of good books for kids. www.colpages.com

I am also thinking to come up with similar ideas and share my postcard contribution to Uganda. I have several photos with my Uganda friends during my weeks of stay in Kampala. I am here now in the US, and I am thinking to get a service from http://digitekprinting.com/ so they can all do the designing, after all I have colleagues working there.

Hello ken
Thanks I can confirm having received the dvds. they are good and of help to the community.What is lacking in our area is a nussary school for our kids.Since we received the books from twam and some DVDs from cd3wd; I think the next step is the construction of a school.
No till: How do combat weeds in this method? I tried on 1 hectare plot and it seemed the main challenge I faced are weeds It REQUIRES alot of commitment to address this issue.

please find the image at kasengejjeprimaryschool@live.com

Hi Richard and everyone, I am a new member of this site, but i have read at least most of the projects and how helpful this site has benefited and touched many poor people's lives especially in Africa.
Am just thanking all those organizations and individuals who have made this site a wonderful place by give donation both in form of advice and materials, thank you very much

Hope to read more and more heart comforting messages

keep up the good work

Ms. Kyazike Aida Christine
Head Teacher
Kasengejje Primary School
P.O Box 2669, Wakiso

Here in Uganda it is a world of great extremes. There are countless orphans abandoned everyday all around the country; too many to count and too many to help them all , and then there are the everyday Ugandans who push their survival 30 kilometers up long impossible hills just to feed their families with the cooked banana Motoke.

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