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Here is a great resource to help calculate how much rain you could save wherever in the world you live. All you need to do is zoom into your rooftop on the map, then draw a box on your rooftop, then click finished.

Rainwater harvesting Calculator

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Hi once more,
Good to hear the information was of help.
My Email adress is, feel free to wire any documents for my perusal, opinion and input.The Administrative and Financial policies are paramount. Please make sure they are well understood and adopted by all organization memebers.

Dear Garry,
First I wish to than you for your wise thoughts. I will work with you closely to make this project a future Beacon of Excellency for children fro poor families. I will Consult you and other groups and individuals on various issues concerning this project.
Thanks a lotand be blessed.
Josephat Nyagwaya.
we are a community school in Njiru district.
We are focused in providing access to Quality education to the
poor,orphans and other vulnerable children in sewage slums and its environs.

A possible idea for a fundraiser that is well suited to this project is a sponsored "walk to school day", done in partnership with a school in your neiborhood. The money raised from this initiative (where students collect pledge forms) would be fairly significant and could go a long way towards repairing the school and buying supplies.

I would love to help edit this project! The idea seems really cool. I can help edit any texts you have that you want to send out to people, just to check for mistakes and make them more effective. Let me know if you are interested in that!

Just one paragraph three, line two, you use "I.e.". This is not the proper use of the term, because the example given here is not the only example of terrible conditions in the CDC camps. Instead, you should use "e.g.". This may seem like a little thing, but little things like this can make a huge difference!

Lily, the blind dog and her trusted buddy, without whom she can't go walkies!

TOMS shoes is a company who offer to give one pair of shoes to a child for every pair they sell. I ahve no idea beyond that how the process happens, but perhaps it's worth exploring. Here is a link to their information:

Lily, the blind dog and her trusted buddy, without whom she can't go walkies!

Hi Josephat Take a look here. They sell all kinds of products and operate mainly in the USA but I think there are many Europeans like myself who are signed up to the site and buy from there too.

Lily, the blind dog and her trusted buddy, without whom she can't go walkies!

The best thing you can do to make the most of social media is to start to educate yourself via sites like and Youtube. Great tips on these sites. At the end of the day, you need to remember that social media is primarily 'social' so mix it up with your posts in terms of seeking support and contributing good content. This way, you are more likely to engage people.

Richard - you did not give us a breakdown how much would the Jiko stove cost and the necessary utensils? Also,why is the farming of 3 acres so incredibly high? $955 USD - as Ken says - it really should only be the cost of the seeds. As for labor - that should be contributed by the families of the children who attend the school, don't you think? I forget how much money you need for the seeds for 3 acres? Aren't you able to make seeds from the plants themselves when they are harvested?

Lily, the blind dog and her trusted buddy, without whom she can't go walkies!

My limited experience would say to focus less on computer hardware such as expensive, energy gobbling hardware, like servers and explore more modern options to use 'cloud computing', where data and information is saved in the ethernet. Eg explore sites such as '' for storage and back-up of written documents. Try '' for images and getting your message out to others about what you do.

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