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On June 14, 2009, Dr. Omondi and a friend traveled to Arrow Web Hospital and worked tirelessly all day to see the line of people waiting for the opportunity to have their eyes examined. Arrow Web Hospital was able to offer this free day of vision exams thanks to the gracious support of the Lion's Club. 523 total people had their vision tested that day. Many more were still waiting as Dr. Omondi's time came to an end. There is a great need for this type of service in our local area and Dr. Omondi hopes to schedule another date to come and help us again.

Hi Romina,

I'd love to help them!

Debora Alvarez

Zambia’s Café – A window to the future

For some people, having a computer, an email account and chatting with friends online in a safe place is very common.

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Hi Romina,

I finished the story for Garden, and I understand you publish the stories on Nabuur? If that's so, could you publish the attached story, please? If not, how can I publish a story?

Many thanks!

Oh yes ,she is a part of the project ,She is called Maria,she is schooling from Kisozi Primary school in primary four .There,she was just dressing up in that new uniform to see if it fits her properly .They are at School now though but they are getting their second term holidays in August.

Implementing the water, hygiene and sanitation project in Nakyerongosa

For the last two years, the Nakyerongosa (Uganda) community has been engaged in the task of increasing access among the people to safe water, latrines and good hygiene practices. Awareness has been increased among the people of the need for good hygiene practices to a certain extent.

Hi Romina,

Right now, I'm in the process of finishing a story for "Garden". As soon as it is finished, I'll let you know.

Kind regards,
Debora Alvarez

Report on Farmers' Training Workshop in Butikiro

The Report on the Training Workshop held on 31 May to 1 June 2009 is herein attached. The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen farmers’ capacity (including their knowledge, skills and know-how) to engage in fruit and vegetable growing as an economically-viable enterprise and apply appropriate agricultural practices.

Holiday time at Lake Kariba- YOFOSO kids take a break

A holiday is usually something we save hard for and look forward to all year.

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