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Water - The Key to Survival

Most people never stop to think about the importance of clean water, because for those who have it in abundance it is just another plentiful natural resource. Water is necessary for the survival of most living things. In fact, dehydration--the lack of water--will kill an organism faster than starvation--the lack of food.

Help to set up bucket drip system and vegetable growing project

Status: In progress

Some of the youths of Wakitaka also want to start vegetable growing. They are planning to rent a 1/2 acre land to do it. They are also planning to use the bucket drip system for water. Help them to find out which vegetables to grow, how to achieve the best results, how and when to sell them.

Update: This task has been accomplished. But further updates and advice are welcome.

Help to set up goat rearing project

Status: In progress

The goat project commenced in April, 2009 with 6 goats, and shortly after a few months, the goats began giving birth at intervals with some giving birth to twins. This brought the total number to 11 goats within a period of six months. However, one kid was knocked down by an over speeding cyclist reducing the number to 10. In January 2010, the youth bought more three adult goats with funds resulting from the youth’s crafts sold by Esther and Maria in Europe between October to December, 2009. This has increased the number from 10 to 13 goats.

Chicken - broiler or layers?

Status: Finished

The youths in the village started to do poultry farming two months ago. They have a house where to keep them - one of the villagers provided it to them. The first broilers are now ready to sell and most of them have already been sold.

New question:

project room - a room for updates and new ideas

Status: In progress

Please post your ideas/advice here that you have for the project, if there is not a task for it already. The project has started very recently and is looking for further ideas of income generation and training.

we have finished finalize the construction budget

Status: Needs urgent help

Us all of are aware on the challenge we are facing this year that we need to put up even if is a temporary blog to make sure that city council can not take away the Land which was donated to Arrow Web Hospital a few years ago so that we can build our own facility. Having our own facility will allow us to free up about $500, now spent on rent, that we can then invest in making ongoing improvements to our medical facility. The hospital has been told that we need to do something to develop this property this year, or we risk losing it.

Find a computer/laptop for the project.

Status: Finished

The project has started on the ground with the planting of the vegetables by 15 women with 90 dependents.
Paddy has use of mobile phone and recently a camera and video recorder has been donated.
Other office equipment would be useful, especially a laptop or computer to report and blog on the progress being made and to keep in touch with the neighbours of Nabitende. Help us find an organisation that might be able to help us.

Seeking professional help on starting and running small businesses in Madurai

Status: In progress

Currently, Micro-credit was provided to the people in Madurai for carrying out the following activities:

1. Flower Vending
2. Tea Stall
3. Cloth Vending
4. Sugar Cane Juice
5. Grocery shop
6. Milk Vending
7. Trycycle
8. Vegetable Vending
9. Sewing Machine
10. Idly Shop
11. Bakery
12. Fancy Store
13. Bottle cap
14. Dry Fish
15. Petty Shop
16. Basket Making
17. Rice Grinding
18. Ironing
19. Goat rearing
20. Selling toys

Any useful ideas on starting up and running the above small businesses in Madurai will be warmly welcomed.

Other Income generation Ideas

Status: Finished

The main objectives of this project is the fruit farm and agroforestry project. When their is harvest, we can consider fruit drying and honey making, but until then other income generation ideas are needed, as well as teaching about business, markets and economy.

In this task we are looking for ideas of small businesses that the co-operative can handle and succeed in.

Discuss and research options for income-generating activities for the families of students

Status: Finished

Many of the students at Notre Dame High School come from very poor families. Their parents/guardians are not able to afford to pay school fees, and lack many of the other basics as they do not have a regular source of income.

The school would like to assist these families in setting up small income generating activities of their own. Christopher has been involved with a similar project in the past while working with another organisation in a different area, and it was very successful, providing huge benefits to the families involved.

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