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Find volunteers to help in business development, education, training and/or construction

Status: In progress

In Yoshinkhel we have plenty of opportunities for individuals who would like to help the community not only over the computer, but also in the village itself as volunteers. How could we attract them? Or are you yourself interested?

Specifically we are looking for people to help with
1. developing the knitting program into a professional business
2. training the women in advanced knitting (or other professional skills)
3. designing/constructing the building
4. training the tutors of the school children

Help to make a curriculum for training tutors and a CD Rom/Ebook based on it

Status: In progress

The Children Education Project is based on the idea of a tutoring model in which older school children mentor younger children, tell them stories, play with them, etc.. Through this both sides are taught the value of education.

Based on the objectives defined in the business plan, we are looking for a Nabuur who would write a curriculum/lesson plan for the training of the tutors to prepare them for their tasks. One of our neighbours, Simone, is willing to create a CDRom with the relevant content for the tutors: Can you help her to develop it?

Contact partner/donor organizations

Status: In progress

We have identified potential donors and partners to support the various parts of this project. However, it is a lot of work to write to all kind of donor organizations – so let’s help Sabina in this task. Based on the draft letter you can find under resources we look for Nabuurs who would be willing to write to the organizations (by email) and follow up until a reply is received.

We think it would be easiest and most convenient to get funding
1. for the business development of the knitting project

Help in taking a video of Vadgam and its youth

Status: Finished

To be able to raise money for the sports club/foundation, the neighbours have decided to take a video of the youth of Vadgam in their everyday life, during a cricket match, and preparing and doing a cultural presentation. As such, we need people to help Nitin accomplish this task of taking a video for the youth of Vadgam, editting it and making it presentable so that it could be sold or uploaded online and aired in tv channels for donations.

This task will be about helping Nitin take a video of the youth of Vadgam.

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