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Help in taking a video of Vadgam and its youth

Status: Finished

To be able to raise money for the sports club/foundation, the neighbours have decided to take a video of the youth of Vadgam in their everyday life, during a cricket match, and preparing and doing a cultural presentation. As such, we need people to help Nitin accomplish this task of taking a video for the youth of Vadgam, editting it and making it presentable so that it could be sold or uploaded online and aired in tv channels for donations.

This task will be about helping Nitin take a video of the youth of Vadgam.

Make a list of what is needed for the Marathon Event

Status: Finished

Once we have a concrete plan we need to make a list of what is needed (materials, supplies, promotion, sponsors, etc) for the marathon event.

Skills Needed

- We are looking for someone with strong organizational skills who can foresee what is needed to plan and carry out a special event.

Can you help CYDC in fund raising for Women house hold and Disabl family self help group?

Status: Finished

If you have experience with organizing special events group network development this is the task for you!

We have started to build group of women and disable family in three communes and now we need formal organization support to 25 women household and 25 disable families.

Skills Needed

- Group development
- High yiel crop and animal raising
- Marketing/PR
- Funding

** This task can be shared by 1 or more people **

Contact organizations that donate computers

Status: Finished

The purpose of the library is to give the youth a chance to develop themselves. Nowadays, that wouldn't be complete without the chance to learn about computers, the chance to browse the internet and connect to the world. We have been lucky to have on PC installed but it is in high demand. We also need a compatable printer.

Please help Garden Library find at least one more computer and a printer which is urgently needed.

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