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New Digital Cameras aare on their way for Jinja East

Cameras create greater opportunities

Write Proposals to Web Hosters

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two days

In order to raise money for ASSASS-Burundi projects, and to help create a more connected world, the LR Jean-Claude and his partners in Burundi are working on music, videos, e-cards, etc that will be available for purchase (downloads) online. Jean-Claude has already begun to create a collection of music and videos made by him and his friends, in Burundi, to share with the world and help show people another side to Burundi.

Creative fundraising - Attempting to make the largest stamp mosaic in the world

Status: Finished

The village of Nabitende will attempt to break a Guinness World Record™ by making the largest stamp mosaic on the first of December, World Aids Day 2009.

Orphans and other vulnerable children will make it to raise awareness among themselves about Aids, to empower them, raise awareness of their situation and to raise funds for this village. The biggest reason is, though, to give them a fun day and maybe some art classes beforehand.

Collect ideas for skills training of women in Nepal

Status: In progress

The knitting training was held by Sabina with great success. Do you have further ideas about what skills could be developed and how - including literacy - or what businesses could be set up? We are looking forward to your contributions!

Help raise 3-5.000 $

Status: Finished

People can now contribute to Buterere through

Neighbours, please make this known to everyone in your network who might be interested to donate. Thank you !!

Also if you have any other idea that you would be willing to carry out to fundraise for Buterere please do so and tell us about it.

We really need to get the money together for Buterere now !!

Promote the skills training program and products made in Yoshinkhel

Status: In progress

In order to find people/organisations interested in supporting Yoshinkhel financially or as volunteers or in becoming business partners it is important to promote the work done!

Anjana has written an article on the skills development program which can be used as a basis for publications in newspapers, magazines or on other websites. Do you have any contacts?

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