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kiserian football team

kiserian football team is a boys team for under 14 and all the boys are from grade 4 to 8

Find Example Project Plans of Setting Up a School Garden

Status: Just started

Another income-generation activity being considered by the school is establishing a school garden to support vegetable cultivation. The school grounds have a sufficient amount of land to support this and CAPEC hopes to teach the children successful farming techniques that they can then incorporate at home.

There are multiple projects working on this very thing throughout Nabuur and online. Can you help us find good examples and draw from the experience of others? If anyone has an example project plan, we would be very grateful if you would share it with us.

Lack of playing space in Garden -find solutions, give us your ideas!

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

“I have a vision of building a sports complex in the community...Big Dreams!” (Mulenga, via email 17 May 09)
The youth of Garden have run out of space where they can play! Similar to large urban cities all over the world, land in Garden is mainly taken up by homes, industry, shops and schools etc. and local councils continue to forget about children’s play areas. There is virtually no more land inGarden that can provide space for the kids to play sports. Other organisations who run

Help write applications and proposals to support the hospital.

Status: Finished

Using the list of organizations we identify in the task above, we are seeking people to help us complete applications and write funding proposals. Any assistance that we are successful in obtaining will help offset costs to the hospital and to promote additional growth and service development.

Identify organizations that offer small-scale funding opportunities

Status: Finished

For this task, we would like to develop a list of organizations that offer different types of small-scale funding to support community health initiatives. You should include the organization name, contact information and if they have information about their application process, deadlines, etc. please include this information as well.

Baby Supply Kits

Status: Finished

Last month, there were 18 babies welcomed into the world at Arrow-Web Hospital. Because these babies are born into poverty, many new mothers do not have access to the basic supplies needed to keep their newborns healthy. Young mothers may not know what types of supplies their new baby will need.

Arrow-Web Hospital would like to provide all new mothers with a basic baby supply kit when they leave the hospital to help them get started. For this task, we would like to establish a basic supply of these kits for the hospital.

Each kit should contain the following new items:

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