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Love your neighbour as your self 

Status: Not started yet

I am happy to be back at Nabuur our home which has remained my home. I am back with a new message to share with my friends the neighbours a new message of Hope. A message about Jesus Christ and how we should all impress him as our friend our saviour. His yoke is easy and his burden light. Every one every where needs him today! Say yes to Jesus Christ say yes to the light say yes to the Gospel of trust. Tomorrow you will be happy you made the right decision. Please read the attachment and tell your neighbor about it. God bless you.

Register now for the next trips to Naigobya-Oeganda

Do not miss these long awaited trips, register with us so that we can schedule which period would be best for you to Volunteer/ support.


Status: Not started yet
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

The Center for HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Research (CHISTRE) is respectfully requesting supports to raise funds to fund the Catch Them Young (CTY) program. CHISTRE is currently engaged in a battle against HIV/AIDS in Oguta, Imo State, Nigeria, and the CTY program will spread awareness and knowledge among the most at risk population. Statistics have shown that there is a higher prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the rural populations of Imo State, and the young generation is most at risk due to lack of education and awareness of the disease and issues surrounding it.

Update on the Orphanage

The children at Khandbari Orphanage are doing well thanks to support from abroad.


I was overwhelmed when i met friends who we talked to about the plight of the disabled child and a group of people working with Ekisa ministries responded and donated mattresses to disabled children in Buyuge village in Kaliro District.

Employment for people with disabilities

For years people with disabilities have been neglected in the all aspects especially in employment field since they can't compete favorably with the able bodied.

Help in designing a form for orphan and needy children screening

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
A week

LUYODEFO has started an orphan and vulnerable children program. Among activities at glance is distribution of items and is yet establishing an orphanage. We are already involved in activities to screen and register orphans and destitute children from various villages. We need guidance on improving our set criteria for screening and registration of the beneficiaries. Attached is the registration form being used.

Hope Beyond Worldwide ( Story from the Beginning)

It all started with Hope Beyond Uganda, with the knowledge and support from our staff the program was started with aim to send volunteers to other villages or organisations that are in need of volunteer support for skills and community development in Uganda.

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