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Support the village partnership Gamauli-Yoshinkhel

Status: Finished

Thanks everybody for your help!!!


Jennifer, our neighbour and facilitator of Gamauli village, has had the brilliant idea to benefit both villages at the same time by making a partnership based on a concrete need:

Solve transportation problems

Status: Just started

It seems some neighbours are facing problems sending goods to Yoshinkhel. Do you have any experience in this? Or ideas how to overcome these problems?

Sabina mentioned the safest way is if someone is coming to Yoshinkhel in person to give it to them to bring along. How do we look for people going to Nepal?

Or maybe airlines might take donations along?

Transportation problems might also have to be overcome in case a customer wants to send back a product!

All ideas are welcome!

New training in Jinja: Hairdressing

Status: Just started

One of the new plans of BEHOD is to start a hairdressers training. In order to start this training BEHOD needs equipment, which the Essent trainees are now looking for. Updates and ideas can go here... :-)

Help write applications and proposals to support the hospital.

Status: Finished

Using the list of organizations we identify in the task above, we are seeking people to help us complete applications and write funding proposals. Any assistance that we are successful in obtaining will help offset costs to the hospital and to promote additional growth and service development.

Edit and format website content

Status: Finished

Soon there will be a new website for Arrow-Web Hospital. The new website address will be www.arrowwebhospital.org. The new website is not yet posted because Steve, the designer wants to review each page with Bramuel before publishing it. I hope to also have a look before the site goes up as I've not yet seen it.

Write answers to FAQ page

Status: Finished

The new website design is almost complete. Now we need assistance with revisions to the website content. One page on the website has been devoted to answering Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ's. For this task, we are looking for someone who can help research and write concise, detailed and thorough responses to the questions listed. Current questions to be answered are;

1. Why do African girls drop out of school at a higher rate than boys? Are they forced to drop out of school?

2. What are the symptoms of Malaria?

Collect ideas for skills training of women in Nepal

Status: In progress

The knitting training was held by Sabina with great success. Do you have further ideas about what skills could be developed and how - including literacy - or what businesses could be set up? We are looking forward to your contributions!

Create partnerships with child care centers around the world

Status: In progress

We would like to establish partnerships with child care centres around the world! Do you have contacts or ideas?

This can be very fruitful for both sides: One can establish penfriendships between the older children, have projects on the other country, etc. Yoshinkhel's children would also very much appreciate any kind of toys and material not needed anymore by others - and fundraising activities could also be initiated by other child care centres or parents in various countries :)


Help raise 3-5.000 $

Status: Finished

People can now contribute to Buterere through www.givemeaning.com.

Neighbours, please make this known to everyone in your network who might be interested to donate. Thank you !!

Also if you have any other idea that you would be willing to carry out to fundraise for Buterere please do so and tell us about it.

We really need to get the money together for Buterere now !!

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