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Join the NABUUR Online Teams

Status: Finished

There are already teams forming to develop resources for local communities, to shape the way other platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be engaged to increase the effectiveness, to encourage peer-to-peer engagement, and to deal with certain topics occurring in multiple villages, amongst other things.
Do you have ideas or suggestions on any of these topics? Please join the group!

There are separate groups for discussing


The description of the PELLITAL project

Status: Just started

Agnam-Goly ( is an ancient village bordering the Sahara desert in Senegal, West Africa. Its 3,143 inhabitants make a living from herding cattle and farming the banks of the Senegal river. The women of Agnam-Goly supplement their familes' incomes by running their own small enterprises. Most of them earn less than two dollars a day. That's what brings Julia (an American based volunteer) and I to think about how we could help the women of my village and we came about the idea to propose Facebook users to make micro loans to the entrepreneur women of Agnam-Goly:

Fish seller.jpg
Project: Village Talk

Help us design a website and logo to promote the woolen products

Status: Finished

Leonie, Tim and Ilona as part of a school assignment had collected information on marketing the woollen products made by the women of Yoshinkhel. You can see their final document attached.

With the help of Third World Craft and a volunteer the current website was finally created.

The website presents the products and both individuals interested in buying the products and also wholesellers are addressed.

Yoshinkhel website idea.jpg

Help us translate the site

Status: Finished

We want to translate lots of content in different languages, to make it available to more people:

- The menus, titles, headings, footers
- Texts about Nabuur and how to work with the site
- Stories featured on the home page

If you can help with translation, leave a message here with the languages you can help with, and we'll contact you about what still needs to be translated.

Edit and format website content

Status: Finished

Soon there will be a new website for Arrow-Web Hospital. The new website address will be The new website is not yet posted because Steve, the designer wants to review each page with Bramuel before publishing it. I hope to also have a look before the site goes up as I've not yet seen it.

Collect ideas for skills training of women in Nepal

Status: In progress

The knitting training was held by Sabina with great success. Do you have further ideas about what skills could be developed and how - including literacy - or what businesses could be set up? We are looking forward to your contributions!

Help raise 3-5.000 $

Status: Finished

People can now contribute to Buterere through

Neighbours, please make this known to everyone in your network who might be interested to donate. Thank you !!

Also if you have any other idea that you would be willing to carry out to fundraise for Buterere please do so and tell us about it.

We really need to get the money together for Buterere now !!

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