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Cooment here about Child sponsorship - Open Forum

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Revelation Ministries runs a child sponsorship programme.but we are facing many challenges

In this task we would like to start a discussion about experiences with child sponsorship programs, options for sponsoring children, tips and advice, and experiences in child sponsorship

Despite the fact that many similar tasks and discussions about child sponsorship can be found on the nabuur site, we would like to explore options, problems and possibilities for promoting this sponsorship program at Revelation ministries plans . Tips and tricks are welcome.

children world international visits.JPG

Our wonderful calendar is done and we have more news to celebrate!

Not only have we managed to draw up a wonderful calendar with the images of Yoshinkhel in a concerted effort of our Nabuurs Ursula and Carolyn, as well as Sabina, but Sabina had visitors to order more jumpers for Khadbari village and take samples for sale! Plus we have new website for the products!

Shipping items from POLAND to LIBERIA - share your ideas!

Status: Finished

Help Liberia Foundation have collected typewriters, toys and clothes in Poland, and have been offered more.

Unfortunately they do not have the funds to ship these items to Liberia. They are sure that if they can find a solution, many people in Poland would be prepared to donate things to the school.

Please provide your suggestions on how HLF can get these items from Poland to Liberia for free or reduced cost.

Bukoggolwa Project Update

We are presently working on updating and redefining our project in order to get a clear and fresh start. Please be on the look out for our project "re-launch".

Busy busy

Sabina and me are not able to be online a lot at this moment but we hope you Nabuurs will surprise us with lots of new ideas when we do manage to look at the site ;) There are interesting tasks to work on - sharing your design ideas, ideas on online shops and trades, and on training!

Meet the Project Neighbours - INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE!!!

Status: Just started

Sulaiman (the Bukoggolwa village representative) and all us welcome you to the Bukoggolwa Village, located in Uganda. We are extremely happy and fortunate to be part of the Nabuur community, as together we can help improve our world a little at a time.

Thank you for taking an interest in helping this beautiful village. We are sure that as we progress on our tasks you will feel gratified and surely ready to collaborate with other villages as well.

Please take a moment to post a brief introduction about yourself and read about the Bukoggolwa village Team.


Brainstorm Ideas To Facilitate Transport For Students & Teachers To Get To School

Status: Needs urgent help

The community is asking for assistance in finding solutions to provide transport for the students and staff of Bukoggolwa Secondary School.

Transport takes one of the most urgent priorities, as it not only facilitates access to the students, but also facilitates transporting of school supplies and other services beneficial to the smooth running of school programmes.

Search Logistics of Transport of Supplies to the community

Status: Just started

Please help search for the most efficient and affordable way of transporting the donated goods to the community.

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