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Create a Website for Notre Dame High School

Status: Finished

Dear Sir,Madam,friends,
We are requesting for friends to help us write/design or create a page for which we can use to fundrise money for building dormetories,one for the girls and another one for the boys.
The information,for this project is on this website.
Christopher Wamala
Local Representative

Write Content for the Education Concern Center Website

Status: Finished

Alicia, a volunteer from the United States, is in Nepal for the next 6 months to work with Min. She has created a website located here:


For this task, we are looking for volunteers to help Alicia by writing content that can be transferred onto the website. She already has some thought starters listed.

If you have specific questions about the Education Concern Center to help you with this task, those can be posted here so we can provide necessary clarification.

Create a Website for CBSM

Status: Finished

First, we create a website (using the free web editing software weebly.com) that not only offers important information about CBSM, but also builds communication and connection between those of us in CBSM and those living elsewhere.

The information needed on the site (http://benando.weebly.com/) is: our goal, missions, and objectives, and expressing need for sponsorship both financially, as well as through other efforts.

Eventually, we wish to be able to create a professional website. For this purpose we would need outside help.

Village tasks are now in Social Actions too

I think I first met Peter Deitz at Web of Change, talking about his idea to mash up the actionable opportunities on all the platforms for social change. That became Social Actions, where you can: join an event, sign a petition, donate to a cause, give out a loan, volunteer. The things you can do come from a variety of sources, like Care2, GlobalGiving, Kiva, Idealist.org, and starting this week, also from NABUUR!

Help us design a website and logo to promote the woolen products

Status: Finished

Leonie, Tim and Ilona as part of a school assignment had collected information on marketing the woollen products made by the women of Yoshinkhel. You can see their final document attached.

With the help of Third World Craft and a volunteer the current website www.yoshinkhelcraft.com.np was finally created.

The website presents the products and both individuals interested in buying the products and also wholesellers are addressed.

Yoshinkhel website idea.jpg

Feedback flooding in, here are some updates

A lot of feedback is coming in, and with continuous improvements and fixes being made, it's a challenge to keep up with what's going on. Romina and Frans compiled an overview...

Share your experience on online/Ebay stores

Status: In progress

Simone offered to open an Ebay store through which the women of Yoshinkhel could sell their woollen products on the international market.

Another international market place identified by our neighbours where we could market our products is www.alibaba.com.

Do you have any experience in this? What needs to be taken into account?

Share your ideas and experiences!


Status: Finished

Along with the information provided by the local representative, help formulate the tasks the Neighbours will work on.

5 Key Questions posed to the local community:

1. Where is the community located? (city and country)

My community is located in Sankhuwasabha district of Eastern Nepal.

2. What is the name of the community?

The name of my community is Sankhuwasabha.

3. What is the concrete problem the community wants to address?

Our community would like to address the following twin problems:

Help us translate the site

Status: Finished

We want to translate lots of content in different languages, to make it available to more people:

- The menus, titles, headings, footers
- Texts about Nabuur and how to work with the site
- Stories featured on the home page

If you can help with translation, leave a message here with the languages you can help with, and we'll contact you about what still needs to be translated.

Edit and format website content

Status: Finished

Soon there will be a new website for Arrow-Web Hospital. The new website address will be www.arrowwebhospital.org. The new website is not yet posted because Steve, the designer wants to review each page with Bramuel before publishing it. I hope to also have a look before the site goes up as I've not yet seen it.

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