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Where you have this:

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"Students from childhood to manhood (4 years to 25 years of age) are there to learn."

I would recommend that you clearly state the age of the students attending school at the present time. You explained to me that out of the 15 currently attending the school, they are ages 15-18. If the plan is to begin educating younger students in March once the school is registered, you should clearly state that fact as well.

Bramuel and I heard back from Kitchen Table Charities today. They explained that they cannot accept the proposal submitted via email and need it in regular postal mail. They also requested additional information be submitted with the proposal, but stated that it does appear to be an appropriate proposal meeting their criteria for consideration.

We'll keep you posted on how things progress as we know more. So far so good.


Bramuel and I have been emailing back and forth additions/revisions to the application. I think it's done-just waiting on his final approval of some last minute edits. I just noticed too that it's about a page longer than they want, but I'm not sure exactly where we could cut down on the information we included. I hope to get this submitted in the next day or two so we can close this task and move on.


Hi Az'farr,

I was in Sabah 5 weeks ago for a long weekend. I am planning to visit KL in the next two months, but nothing is set in stone :)

Bramuel sent a letter of inquiry to the Celtic Charity Fund on 10/16/08. They responded to him on 10/17/08 with the requirements for consideration of any proposal and an application form. After looking through this, I think the best approach to make certain this fits with their requirements is to focus on something the hospital does with children. They offer a relatively small award, but as we've already seen, we can make a little go a long way in Kenya. The closing date for new submissions is 12/31/08 and decisions will be made within 8 weeks of the closing date.

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