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Hello Mary and everyone,

These are the photos of my results. I actually had a container that had a little crack so it allowed to separate any phase that would have formed. I had indeed two phases, which that was an oily aqueous phase and then the avocado phase.

Two major conclusions here:

- I probably got a small separation because of the adjustment on the pH (acidification with lemon juice)
- That probably it was required to have a prior breakage of the molecule water-oil as shown in other processes and that maybe the heating part needs to be longer.

Hi everyone,

Another neighbour provided the following information on biofuel as an alternative. I am posting it here for discussion. I think this one will bring about a lot of discussion as there is a bit of controversy around this, especially when farmers switch from food crops to crops for biofuel. What do people think?


Hi Mary,

Thanks for the link. I will take a look at it!

Raul: I think your input will help greatly!

As for the avocado discussion, I have started a new task so we can continue the discussion there.


Avocado - Possible Income Generating Activity

Status: Finished

Avocados are grown fairly easily in Kabondo, which is located in one of two areas in Kenya that can grow them. The community would like to examine the possibility of turning avocados into an income-generating idea including the production of value-added products (such as oil for beauty products or use in cooking/food preparation).

Help us gather research on the possible uses of avocados and its parts (oil, seed, leaves, skin, etc). Any ideas are welcome!

Hi Mary,

Yes it was a very interesting trip!

I just spoke with Eric and he said the community is very keen on developing some uses for avocados. Lots of research needs to be done though.

As for solar cookers; yes I too remember a discussion, but not sure where :-(

I'll make sure Eric gets the phone numbers. He will hopefully be online all the time soon as he now has a laptop and will be getting a modem and connection for internet in his home.



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