Posts about balance-sheet

Hi Marsha,

Good to know that you are working in a business-like manner.

I like to see the big picture first - the macro-view. This is provided by the balance sheet. The rest of the report could be referred to in general, or in case something specific in the balance sheet is to be examined. For business purposes, the annual report, without the balance sheet, is meaningless.

Marsha, as you are aware, I do not get caught in the day-to-day issues anywhere. I am certain that you can get the feedback that you desire from the other active neighbours at your village.

Hi Denis,

It's good to see that your project has reached a point where you feel that you are in a position to bring out a year-end report. Congratulations!

In case you feel that the stage of self-sustenance has been crossed, it might be a good idea to bring out a balance sheet indicating the financial performance.

The format of the balance sheet could be whatever is prevailing in your country among business houses, so that it is easy for people at your end to understand and prepare such a document.

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