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Dear all,
Adnan worked on the book application and came up with a more comprehensive text.
I did already some corrections, but your feed-back would be most welcome before Adnan sents it to BIG Books.

PS: I just read on their website that they are shipping books to Pakistan for a self-funded organisation - maybe Adnan, you should harry up, you´ll never know if it can be easier if they are already shipping other books to Pakistan.

(1) Full name of organization. Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex

Help to secure books and computers

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two hours

To get the centre running and to admit more women and girls, the centre needs more books (especially English language books) and computers for the computer classes.
Help to find organisations that could donate books and/or computers and help Adnan to fill in application forms.

This is what Adnan and his team have already done so far to give you an overview of the state of the centre:

1.a building is rented on amount of RS=18000/=per month,followed with long term agreement of 5years & 10% increment will be there each year.
2. 10 computers are bought (RS=180000/=)

Research & Identify Organizations and/or Local Publishing Houses To Obtain Books

Status: Needs urgent help

The Bukoggolwa Secondary school is in need of books and textbooks for all secondary subjects.

For this task we are looking for volunteers who can help us identify organizations that donate books and local publishing houses that carry books for secondary school teaching.

Please help us to compile a complete list with detailed contact information.

Here are a couple of photos of the Garden Library and the books donated by Books International Goodwill.
A few more appear in the Gallery section too. Great photo's Mulenga- the kids look like they're having fun!

Hi Stephen

I went through that list of potential book donors and pulled out details of those that appear mostly likely to be able to help Matopeni. Can't fill in any of the applications as I don't have enough information on the types of books you want. The attached document gives more information on the types of books they send, the details they will need from you, and where to send the application. I hope that helps! Let me know if you need any more info or you can't open the doc.


Find and contact organisations that donate books

Status: In progress

Through the efforts of many Neighbours over the past 18 months Garden Library has received many donated books! The library has the capacity to hold over 4000 books however right now the library holds 500 books. We have empty shelves! The Library needs more books!

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