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Help us get books, reading materials and stationery for the school

Status: Needs urgent help

Dear Jennifer and all neighbors

Sorry for long gap and not updating the Gamauli village website. Even we have done so many things in Gamuli schools and also in school community. School has completed a building and going to establish library for small children.Friday celebration program is being very effective and students as well as parents participation is increasing.

Here I would like to request for neighbors and other people who are interested are well come for their donation of books, reading materials and stationary for the sch ool in Gamauli.

Help us get reading books, reference books and toys for the Community Resource Centre

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Nakyerongosa village started a community resource centre after observing the need for such a facility in the area. The idea came about as a result of support from a retired community trainer who donated a few of his books because he wanted to give something back to the community. COMASA officials sensitised schools and community members about the programmes at the Centre. Since then people have realised the importance of the resource centre as a source of knowledge and it is making a world of difference for children whose schools are too poor to afford books.

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Help Find Reading Books & Toys for the Daycare Center

Status: Just started

Many women have been forced into income generating activities so as be able to care for their households. The activities engaged in include operation of food joints, hair saloons, retail shops and market stalls in the nearby town, Kakiri.


Help us get more reading books for the school

Status: In progress

Little Angels school does not have enough books for the children to read.

We are asking volunteers to help us find international or Ugandan organisations/companies that could donate reading books to the school. Books must be suitable for nursery and primary age children.

I am Esther Kamau I run a community library in Nairobi at Uthiru village in a bid to promote an encourage a reading culture. The uptake for readership is Kenya is high but the cost of books is very high makeing them inaccessible to the majority and low income earners, hence the inception of SHIROZ BOOK LENDING LIBRARY AND RESOURCE CENTRE.

Books Arrive from Biblionef

We would like tor register our sincere appreciation to Biblionef for the donation of the 150 reading books for children.

Books Arrive in Kiserian

The volunteers at Darian Book Aid Plan put together a box of books over a month ago in response to a request we sent in for the students at Sajos Academy.

Hi Naomi-

This particular village focuses on the work of the YES WE CAN self-help group's education project at Sajos Academy.

If you are seeking specific assistance for your own organization, I would suggest reviewing the GROUPS tab located at the top of the page. For example, in the education group located here: you can find a wealth of information and resources that may help your school.

Mary Smith has compiled a list of potential resources which is also listed in that group -

I wanted to let you all know that I heard back from Books Abroad in the UK earlier today. They said that they had already sent a large shipment of books to Kenya earlier this year and do not expect to ship books again there until 2013. They try to ship to each country once every 3 years. They asked that if the school is still in need of books that we contact them again in 2012 and then they send us the required forms and the school can be added to their database for 2013.

A small box of books is still on the way to the school from Darian Book Aid in the USA.

Have a great weekend-

That's a good suggestion Simon, thank you!


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