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hallo Jennifer & Bramuel,

I am working in the construction industry and can review the budget, if they have an architectural plan well and good, i can also volunteer to draft to the Nairobi City Council standards if need be. I can be reached through my email.


Discuss and research rain water harvesting technologies

Status: Finished

The Iganga District is located in eastern Uganda, just north of the equator at latitudes 1o 00' S-1o 06' N and longitudes 33o 57' E-33o 12' E. Mean annual rainfall is approximately 1 250 mm occurring on 100-130 days per annum and is mainly associated with the equatorial troughs in April-May and September-November.

The rapidly growing rural population has expanded the frontiers of agriculture into natural forest and wetland ecosystems. The District now experiences more frequent local droughts, faster drying up of water springs during the dry season

Define the requirements for a day care/education centre in Yoshinkhel

Status: In progress

SACDS, the organization in Yoshinkhel, would like to establish its own day care & education centre.... not only in name, but a real building :-)

The community has offered us a plot of land and neighbours have helped to create a building design.

Please help us think about and define the requirements for the building - bricks, cables, furniture, etc. - so that it could host our three programs:
- child day care
- education program
- skill training for women

building design.jpg

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