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Income Generation Idea - Playstation Video Game Rentals

Status: Just started

"Yes We Can Self-Help Group" would like to obtain 10-15 Playstation Video Game consoles and rent them to people interested in playing video games in their community and be our generating income project to support the school

If they charge between 10-20 KES per game, the group feels that they could rent a house and afford to have one person operate this as an income-generating business. After expenses, the thought is that income earned would then be used to support and sustain their projects.already we have rent a house for the workstation

Help Us Identify & Choose Sustainable Income-Generation Activities

Status: Just started

The school board and management of Keframa Colllege intend to continue working in partnership with the Lango Youth Action for Development organization. The goal of this partnership will be to focus on development issues at a grassroots level one of which is promotion of income-generation activities to support the school.


My suggestions above are the very basics which must first be understood by anyone who is contemplating any earnings through any business. I have not yet moved to the 'high level theory' as you have described it, since for anyone to graduate to that stage, they must be thorough with the basics first. As I have already mentioned in my previous post, I shall be happy to answer any specific questions related to option YYY in case this school ventures to use this option.

Hello Ken,

This offer could be an opportunity for the youth of Dromankese to establish their own business with this CDs / DVDs Burning and printing business. The community would be more responsible to undertake this venture to generate some profits to support other activities in the village.

Actually, these goods would have to be shipped and cleared at the customs in Ghana, So what could you do to ship these goods to Tema Port in Ghana. We would like to be informed about the total cost involved.

Thanks in advance,


Alfred Atta / LR

project room - a room for updates and new ideas

Status: In progress

Please post your ideas/advice here that you have for the project, if there is not a task for it already. The project has started very recently and is looking for further ideas of income generation and training.

Hi Trin, I am Albert Matadi, i'm a African from Liberia.
I love making new friends and this is my first time making a new friend
and like u to be a good friend of mind online

Best regard

albert matadi

Hi Sayantan-

Can you send me an email so that I can give you some background on the project?

Thank you for your kind offer. I look forward to hearing from you.

Facilitator for Sankhuwasabha

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