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Lily, the blind dog and her trusted buddy, without whom she can't go walkies!

There is so much you can do, but it all depends on what resources you are starting with. It really depends on where you are now as to what your next steps are. Do you have a business plan? If so, what are your answers to these questions?

1 How many people are involved in the business? What skills and experience do you have now and what do you want to / need to learn?
2 What resources do you have now?
3 Do you have internet access?
4 Who do you know?
5 What literature about similar companies or businesses do you have?
6 Do you know who your market is?

Write a five-year plan for the school

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

The task is to write a five-year plan which can be presented to potential donors who think about supporting the school.
It will give them a certain degree of security to know that there is a plan, to see what the school's goals are and how it is going to reach them.
Thanks to MariaZ for the excellent idea!

Check out the link below for the discussion, and some websites MariaZ found that have step-be-step guides etc.
This task is planned to be started after some brainstorming about how the school can become self-sufficient. See the link below for results.

Hi everybody,

I shortly talked today with Emmanuel. He reassured me that the spotted goat also was of good quality :)

He sent me the updated poultry budget provisions and asked me to post it here, since his Internet connection is very slow at the moment. (therefore also answers are more rare since access to seems difficult).

Comparing the costs to the previous one, they were even a bit less than projected, which is great.
Andrew, would you have the time to include the new data in your provision? Thanks.


Thanks Andrew so much for this plan. I think it will be of great help for Emmanuel and the youths.
However, I think the plan has to be adapted to the current prices and provisions.
Emmanuel, you talked about feeds having become more expansive. Could you update us on this? And for electricity and heating; how much did you finally invest in lamps and charcoal? Did it work out with the recharchable lamp? Could you then also update the costs of this in the plan?

Hi Sonia and everybody,

Emmanuel sent me a mail saying that he had some technical problems to post his response and documents. So here is, what he has sent me:

Hi Sonja,

The Treasurer of the group is a lady. She is called Mebo. She has skills in book keeping since she had done it before. She has a ledger book that she uses to make records of any expenses incurred by the group.

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