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Help us Secure a Digital Camera

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

In an online environment where many cannot personally visit our village, it is oftentimes difficult to relay the reality of the situation on the ground without pictures. At this time, our organization does not have access to a digital camera. This presents an added expense each time we want to share pictures with you, or show pictures of things that are accomplished.

Do you have an old digital camera laying around that is no longer of use to you? If it is still in good working order, we would be very grateful if you would be willing to donate it to our organization.

Hi everyone-

I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend. I have been snowed in!

I had the opportunity to talk with Bramuel this morning and wanted to give you all a brief update regarding the major events of the past week:


You need to supply the address where it should be shipped.

Ms. Duncan welcome to the Kayole-Soweto village and we deeply appreciate your willingness to help with this task.


Hi everyone-things have been so quiet in our village, I wanted to give you a brief update after speaking with Bramuel this morning:

1. WEBSITE: Bramuel has all of the changes and has gone through them with Steve, the website designer. He tells me that the changes have been made, but just are not published yet. Steve has apparently been out of town and he hopes to see the changes published this week.

Hi everyone-I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend. Bramuel and I had the opportunity to talk last night and I wanted to update you all on where things presently stand with our project.

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