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Hello to all -

Again, I am in the process of better organizing the information in the project room of the Jinja East village. This is another task that had a duplicate and discussions going on in more than one place. In an effort to better streamline and focus the discussion, I am including information that was posted in the other task for consideration here. This is the information that was contained in the duplicate task:

Re: Discuss ways to find Sponsorship to Children of Jinja East village

Help Develop a Sponsorship Program for the Children of Jinja East

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Jinja East has quite a big population of children who need urgent help. Child sponsorship is one way for us to obtain the financial support necessary to help them. These children range in age from 2-25 years old. Many are living with HIV/AIDS or have lost their parents to the same. Others are migrants from northern Uganda whose mothers were displaced by the 22-year war of the LRA leaving their fathers either in the hands of the LRA, or worse, dead. For those in this situation, often both mother's and children need our help. Many of these children live on the streets.

How can Help Liberia Foundation publicise their child sponsorship scheme and make it more attractive to potential sponsors?

Status: Finished

Help Liberia Foundation run a child sponsorship scheme. Money raised is used to pay the teachers at the school, and for other day to day running costs. At the moment, this is their main source of income to keep the school running.

Sponsorship costs US$7 per month, and as at October 2009 about 40 children have sponsors. Sponsors can write to their chosen child, and receive letters in return.

More details of the scheme can be found on the HLF website

Please share your ideas on how to publicise the scheme.


Can you please clarify? Above, you indicate that you are seeking sponsorship in the amount of $70 USD per student and that you are seeking 100 sponsors. I assume this means that you want to expand your ability to provide assistance to the students at Krishna Primary School with the most need.

As I understand it, for $70 you intend to supply scholarship recipients with a school uniform, books, stationary, pay registration fees and purchase a tiffin box for each student. Is that correct?

Hi everybody,

I tried to think about some basic elements the website should have. I inspired myself mostly from websites with similar projects. I really liked the Matopeni Village School website , and there is another one that I found interesting for essential information.

What do you think? This is just a first try, so please give comments! John, could you have a look through it and tell us what you think is feasible in your school?

Child sponsorship and ways to support orphans - a discussion

Status: Finished

Hope Alive Uganda would like to run a sponsorship programme.

See for this.

In this task we would like to start a discussion about experiences with child sponsorship programs, options for sponsoring children, tips and advice, experiences, pros and cons.

Despite the fact that many similar tasks and discussions about child sponsorship can be found on the nabuur site, we would like to explore options, problems and possibilities for promoting this sponsorship program in Kisozi. Tips and tricks are welcome.

REVIEW and MAKE SUGGESTIONS: Hope Alive Sponsorship Program

Status: Finished

Hope Alive Uganda has an existing child sponsorship program which is described on their website and located here:

For this task, we are requesting that volunteers review our sponsorship program and help us identify any areas that could be improved. We would like suggestions for how to make our sponsorship program stronger and more attractive to prospective sponsors of the children identified.

I wanted to add some further detail to this task:

In order to help the school manage the large number of orphans that attend and are unable to pay school fees, one of the options that Christopher mentioned was developing a sponsorship program.

We talked about 2 options:

1. The school running their own program.
2. The school working with an existing program to gain support for the orphaned students.

Groups and villages about child sponsorship

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