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Another group that works on water and sanitation issues is Engineers Without Borders. Here is a link to the Canadian site that has some good information on some of the work they do, including a pump. Thanks to Paul for providing the link in another thread.

Hello Lillian,

Thank you for joining the water and sanitation group. I hope you find some good input here.

I am not a water expert, so I can only provide information and resources, but I can look over some of the resources already provided and see what is available. I will also try to find out some information specific to the problems facing your community, although since I am not a water expert, I can only gather information and hopefully you will find contacts that you can follow up with.

Hello Tearrie,

Thank you for this link and information! Yes I think it will be of use to many groups. I actually just had someone asking about materials in Spanish and French so I direct them to this booklet.



Hi Innocent,

I have been collecting information related to water and sanitation and posting it in the Group called
Water and Sanitation. Here you will find a manual on how to build a biosand filter, and I can look into finding a Zambian contact for you, if your community is interested in pursuing this line. Also, there are posters which may be of use to you for your health campaigns. They can be downloaded and printed. There are over 30 of them. There are also a number of other links to water and sanitation sites that may be of interest.

To visit the Group go to the following link:

Hi Frank,

Piping water into a home requires much infrastructure and can be quite costly. I am not an engineer, so I am not sure how this would be done, but based on my very basic knowledge, you would require a source of water that is then cleaned (water treatment facility/equipment) then is piped into houses through an underground system (usually they are underground pipes). This would be a huge undertaking that would be quite costly and usually is done at a community/municipal or regional level by governments. You would have to speak with an engineer about this....

The following is a general description of the biosand filter; specifications of the biosand filter; lab testing (technical data) and literature all related to the biosand filter.

The following guide provides a general overview of water, sanitation and health. It has good diagrams and information that could be used for workshops or sensitization in the community.

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