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Hello Myrthe, Anouk and Nelleke,

Here are some simple tips for your idea:

- for printed communication in text, the target population must be literate

- the communication must be in the language which the target population understands

- the matter to be communicated must connect with the social values of the target population


Help secure a mobile phone to minimize costs

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Kimsorn must pay $1/hr to use the Internet. His transportation cost from his village to Battambang province two ways is $5. He has tried to make himself available for regular communication at least 3x per week. Kimsorn has been exploring alternative options to reduce his travel time and most importantly the associated costs.

Hi Ken-

I am so glad to know that you are working in this village and I am certain that we will be relying on you a lot due to your vast knowledge in this arena.

I am planning on taking information back to Kimsorn via chat, email and SMS right now, so to answer your question, yes the information will be communicated back to the village. I also know that Kimsorn checks here as frequently as he's able himself, so I am sure that you'll be hearing feedback from him too.

Hello everyone-

Just wanted to provide a quick update to let you know that I received a message from James this morning. He said that 3 volunteers from the Wharton Institute USA visited in May and stayed for 15 days. They prepared some documents which James indicated that he would forward in another message.

James said that Internet access has been problematic, but the community is now focused on efforts to establish a community radio station.

Warm regards-


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