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Dear All,

You’re really all talking facts. There is nothing that came out easily we go through ups and down towards our success. I consider all your posts so great and wonderful and thank you for doing that.
Paul Yeenie Harry put it and said, “It's true that it's extremely difficult for these big or assisting organizations to reply or assist, but that shouldn't cause us to give up”. So lets keep moving and trying towards our goal and it will reach our turn like testimonies from our fellow villagers.


Dear All,

We want to enhance the welfare of orphans, vulnerable, impoverished and deprived youths and adults in the community by offering computers, Information Technology (IT), and tailoring.

How can we go about this to acquire computers and sewing machines?


our ngo called KUHIFADHI MAZINGIRA(KAMA)its deals with environment conservation, we are join by Nabuur to express our needs to the community who are living un equality standard life and they are missing basic needs such as chacoals,education,treatment,communication etc emphasis them to be awarenes and combat it.
we are very interested to look and read various reports from the site in the world ,sharing ideas,communicating face by face
we are looking forward and best responsible and we are wait positive reply.
Raphael Mahangi
secretary KAMA Tnzania

Hi Mary
This is a wonderful guide you have posted on Nabuur. Happy to come in contact with people like you who have a specific objective in life of helping people
We believe that those who are poor should have access to basic health care, nutrition, education, housing and opportunities for economic betterment. They should also be able to exercise fully their rights as citizens, influence public policies and have equitable access to the use of public resources.


Status: Needs urgent help

We are a charity school running from Kindergarten to grade 9. We have adequate infrastructure though some blocks are not yet complete.In order to offer quality education to our children, we need certain facilities at our school.

First and foremost, we need volunteer teachers, a volunteer accountant and a volunteer project manager.

With the human resources in place, we shall then need

1. Connection to the electricity grid
2. A science laboratory
3. A computer laboratory
4. Teaching aids such as text books,story books, dusters, chalk
5. A Library.

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Develop a Marketing Plan for Hope Alive Uganda

Status: Finished

In order for Hope Alive Uganda to gain support in the local community and around the world, people need to know that we exist and have access to information about the good work that we do.

For this task, Eddy is seeking the expertise of a marketing professional to help him write a marketing plan that can be carried out and revised each year. The goals of this plan are to:

1. Increase awareness of the needs of orphans in the local community and the importance of education.

2. Provide people with information about Hope Alive Uganda, and

Fundraising Presentation for the School

Status: Finished

Min has a 30 minute film on DVD that he would like to begin showing in different communities to help better explain the needs of the children in Gamauli and show the importance of obtaining a good education. If he is able to raise enough funds, funding could also be used for sending the teachers to Kathmandu for 10-days of refresher training.

For this task, we are looking for a volunteer who can work with Min to develop a powerpoint presentation that can be used in conjunction with the film as Min talks with the audience. Min can provide additional information to help with this task.

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