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Volunteer Opportunities

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

While awaiting needs assessment results, we need a volunteer medical officer. Neighbors can you help us out.

Swine Flu Cases on the Increase in Uganda

Swine Flue Cases on increase in Uganda.

Conducting a health care provision needs assessment

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
A week

We would like to conduct a health care needs assessment to inform our actions towards improved and adequate health care service delivery for a population of over 60,000 people. We would like your ideas on the basic elements/issues to focus in this needs assessment and kind of skills we would need for a good work.

hi Joseph,I want to congratulate you with the results so far. From scratch a start of the project was realized. Whats needed now, indeed,is resources and medical / paramedical assistance at the spot. Which might be realized by connecting your / our project to existing projects and initiatives. I will follow the project with much interest but my contributions will be few, because what you need now is involvement of local people and profesionals. Please dont hesitate if you want to have my opinion about such and so. All the best!

Bringing home-based medical care to the elderly- a project in Kerala, India

In India, the medical condition Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is relatively unknown. However, the tide is shifting quickly and dramatically. Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia are becoming much more noticeable amongst the elderly in India. Joseph AM, Local Representative of Vijayapuram village knows this too well.


I have contacted:

Tour D'Afrique
Kona Biketown Africa
World Bicycle Relief
Working Bikes Cooperative

I will update as I hear back from them regarding requirements and/or what I find out from them.

All the best-


I have gone through the project overview with keen interest and it is my honest submission that its a very noble initiative. Am very much interested and willing to offer my services as a volunteer during the period of this project. I hold a bachelors degree in Zoology ,Biochemistry and Chemistry. I have been involved in malaria research at the K.EM.R.I malaria lab. Any consideration to be part of this initiative will be highly appreciated. I can be contacted through this site or on my cell 0735310428.

Hello Tearrie,

Thank you for this link and information! Yes I think it will be of use to many groups. I actually just had someone asking about materials in Spanish and French so I direct them to this booklet.



Neighbours interested in Community Health

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