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Income Generation Idea - Kiserian Computer College

Status: Just started

"Yes We Can Self-Help Group" would like to start a computer college. They have already received two computers from local friends in Kenya. They would like to obtain about 10 computers total to start the college.

A power solution for our training centre: find the best solution

Status: Finished

15 computers have arrived in Jinja and the training for a group of PWDs has started. Electricity is available in the training centre, but power cuts are often experienced. This doesn't only affect the time that the computers can be used; the hardware also suffers from these power breaks.

A backup power solution is needed to enable us to keep working during power breaks and keep the computers in good shape. This will also enable us to eventually run an internet café, that can provide BEHOD with an income.

Updates on computer training

Status: In progress

The computers have arrived in Jinja. Now the training needs to be set up. BEHOD needs a letter from the Ministry in order to be able to hand out certificates. Other actions will follow.

Updates will be posted here!

Neighbours interested in Computer training

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