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After the successful completion of the conference, Jean-Claude would like to Nabuur community to be informed that:

"It is with great pleasure to inform NABUUR and all neighbours that
we've made a significant step on our project undertaken many years

Saturday, the 24th , october, 2009 from 10h30 am, a Constructive
General Assemblee Assemblee called
TELECOM] were organised in partnership with ASASS Burundi.

The professionals, professors teaching in various Universties schools

From Jean-Claude:
"It would be really very appreciable if we could achieve a task of fundraising 500-700 USD for this conference. The participants will edit statuts, Academic Charter and courses. They will also adopt them and do election of Staff committee members.

If we don't do that in a conference, our project will not be approved by the Ministry of Education and UNESCO in Burundi. "

Please help!!!

Anna Soper

We are still seeking financial support ($500-$700) to get this conference started. Does anyone have any suggestions about where we can go for support?

Anna Soper

Please see the attached document and scroll to (approximately) page 3 for detailed information on the proposed Conference. After reading please share your thoughts, comments, etc. All are welcome.

Currently we need volunteers to work in groups to research and find potential sponsors or possible groups/individuals who might like to attend this conference. Once we have 700USD secured, we will begin to contact these individuals or groups with information about the conference.

Anna Soper

Assist in the creation of a 'Buterere Conference'

Status: Finished

Our local representative and his team in Burundi have developed the idea to host a conference or a workshop in Buterere. The purpose of this will be to promote our higher learning school as well as to create a curriculum for courses. It will give youth, students, doctors, professors, etc to contribute to the development of this school and to share ideas and knowledge.

Jean-Claude writes:
We will need finances to cover some expenses:
- Fanta or lemonade during pause
- Transportation of Doctors/Professors
- pay for a Conference Room

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