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Status: Just started

KIRC Foundation would like to establish an online presence to let others know about the work they are doing in Ghana. For this task, we are seeking a volunteer with web design experience to help us develop a site that features the work we do to introduce our organization to the world.

If you are interested in helping us out with this task - please submit examples of other websites you have developed so that we can view samples of your previous work.

Project: Village talk

Design a Logo for HOPE Children's Foundation Africa

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Half a day

We are looking for a volunteer with a talent for design to help us come up with a logo for the HOPE Children's Foundation. The logo would be used on the website and also on any products that might be sold as part of our fundraising efforts in the future.
If you can help us with the logo design, we would be happy to hear from you!

Hi there,
We would be really greatful for any help with the calendar! And I think it's a wonderful idea for a class project :) groups of students could design a month page each and all together think about a "storyline" to go through.

Also if anyone has a good idea for a selling strategy? Or anyone with a print shop who could deliver to neighbours who might sell?

Hope we can start early enough this year to make it reality!
Best, Angelika

Dear Sunita,
Thanks for the samples! I really like especially the January design, and the basic April one I would suggest for the first/cover page...maybe with some text instead of the days in the white area below. Did you ever see the one they made for Kyomya - with the "story" going through like a red string? If you send me your skype/MSN name I could send it to you (it's too big to share here).
Thanks again for your efforts, Angelika

Dear Catherine,
Thanks for your recommendations. The prices seem quite low to me. But you did take into account also what similar products cost, if I understand correctly. Let's see what Sabina says, but I think it sounds feasible :) and then we anyways have to adapt according with our experience...

And yes, we would definitely like to go with the website! One more question on this: do you also design logos? Because we're thinking about including one in the catalogue too.
Best, Angelika

Thanks, Lia, for helping out with the photos! Great idea, Sabina, opening the photobucket account, that should really make it easier :)

Thanks, Barb, for sharing the calendar you and your neighbours made - it is really beautiful I think!!! We should also aim to have a nice text like a story line through the calendar I think.

Who would be interested in doing that?

I had the opportunity to talk with Calvin today about the progress in design of the Mobile Health Unit. As you can imagine, this is a very expensive endeavor and funding is needed. He has had meetings with two prospective investors so far and has an appointment with a third. He hopes to build a test model so that he knows more about potential weaknesses so that he can make sure improvements are put into place. He is looking for a 1972 Landrover as part of this process.

Hi Mika,
I liked your text much better now :) I just made a few changes. Sabina, what do you think?
Best, Angelika

Here is what our neighbour Barb thought we should consider from her experience with making a calendar for Kyomya. A neighbour is selling them through schools in the US that she has made arrangements with to have students sell with $3 from each sale going to the school (making a $10 profit on each calendar - the production cost calculated at between 5 and 7 USD and with a sales price of 20 USD).

1. You need high resolution and high quality photos - Sabina would take care of that
2. You need someone to prepare the calendar
3. You need funds to cover the printing costs

Groups and villages about design

Neighbours interested in design

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