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Back to School for the Students at St. Charles Special Needs School

Just a few short weeks ago, the students at St. Charles Special Needs School entered their classrooms to begin a brand new school year.

Hi all,

First i want to thank all the Occupational Therapy students who came out to try to find ways of helping this community. The work you did is really commendable. I would like to sound out a few strategies that these families could use to try to find help for the mentally retarded children.

1. Make internventions throught the local community leadership with an aim of creating public awareness, citing out the problem of mental retardation amongst the people/children in the community.

TRANSPORTATION: Research Options for Accessible Transportation

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

St. Charles Special Needs School is looking for a bus to help get the students to/from school, transport sick children to the hospital, and to take students on educational field trips. Accessible transportation is essential not only for the rehabilitation of the children, but also to promote greater inclusion on the local community and improve disability awareness. If a bus can be secured, this may also increase enrollment at the school. A bus that seats between 22-32, accessible to people with disabilities would be ideal.


Thank you for the detailed description you provided. I think that this will be very helpful for people who may not be as familiar with the way that people with disabilities are viewed and treated.

One area that might be explored is partnership with a school or organization for people with disabilities in a developed country. Sharing information and experiences may be a very beneficial step toward greater understanding and awareness.

NEEDED: Volunteer Teachers and Therapists

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

St. Charles Special Needs School could use 2 volunteers for addressing the special education needs of children with disabilities, provision of therapy, and above all to share their experiences with teachers and children.

The school is NOT able to pay for lodging, food or transportation expenses. School authorities CAN provide information about safe and decent lodging, good meals and local transportation depending on how much the volunteer can afford to pay.

PROJECT ROOM: General Project Information & Updates

Status: In progress

The project room is a space for providing general project related information and updates regarding the Jinkfuin village at Nabuur. Any information that does not fit into the designated tasks above will be shared here.

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