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Write Proposals to Web Hosters

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two days

In order to raise money for ASSASS-Burundi projects, and to help create a more connected world, the LR Jean-Claude and his partners in Burundi are working on music, videos, e-cards, etc that will be available for purchase (downloads) online. Jean-Claude has already begun to create a collection of music and videos made by him and his friends, in Burundi, to share with the world and help show people another side to Burundi.

Hi Stephen,

Further to my posts on the other thread of your village for the Matopeni school, the following ideas for fund-raising could also be examined by you:

- If the business model of your school shows generation of net profits + all laws of the land are fulfilled + all documents are in order --- you could discuss with your local bank for a loan. Loan instalments with interest will have to be paid back from the profits of the school. This will be the fastest route to achieving your target of fund-raising.


Brainstorm Creative Fundraising Ideas

Status: Just started

We need you to help us brainstorm creative fundraising ideas!

Have you been involved with creative fundraising efforts at a local school or community organization? We are looking for creative ideas for fundraisers. Research can be done on the Internet for this task, or you can simply share from experience.

We would like to create a "bank" of ideas, so that Keframa College can learn from the experience of others and try utilizing some of these different strategies to help fund their development work in Uganda.

Sebastian of the What Took You So Long Foundation has just given a new name to kind of fundraising we do at Jinkfuin, calling it "the banana effect". He named this because he heard how locals donate bunches of bananas and are able to come up with many good things in the school. This week, Teh and Gary Laikney, a volunteer from the UK, traveled to local carpenters on the GMM Motor bike begging for desks for the school. So far we've got 7 benches and some plank donated by the local carpenters. Teh is shocked to see that these people are able to donate freely for the school.


If volunteers would like to send a box of donations for the children at the school, where is the best place to send it? Can you provide a mailing address?

Thank you-


One Pair of Shoes Per Child

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

We kiserian village appreciate all our neighbor for their support
towards kiserian kids ,on behalf of this kids i hereby request all
our neighbor, friends of kiserian to help with ideas or information
how we can get or donation of ONE SHOE PER KID ,New or Used .I hereby request all our friends who are overseas to help us by contacting churches ,schools,company's for donation and we shall
appreciate it. thanks all who have already made promise of shoe donation and still we are waiting them to arrive to kenya love you much


Condoms donated by

Condoms donated by

Hello Jospeh, sorry I haven't replied sooner.
I have some more questions for you, if you don't mind answering them:)

1- Is hiring a car the only option someone like you has to get a sick relative to the hospital? Rs1000 is expensive to hire a car- agreed. (About USD19, AUD30) Are taxi's freely available in Vijapuram?
2- You said that to pay for the replacement of nasal tubes also costs you money. Is this part of the hospital costs or do you have to pay extra money for the medical items such as tubes?

IDENTIFY RESOURCES: Supplying Training Materials for Special Education Classroom

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

St. Charles Special Needs School is located in Ghana. The school has 4 teachers, 2 professionally trained and 2 who are not. At the present time, there are 22 children with disabilities enrolled at the school. The school serves both boys and girls and children range in age from 5 to 25 years. Disabilities include; Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, mobility impairments, visual impairments and speech problems. Some of the children are diagnosed with multiple disabling conditions.


Here is a list of several other resources we collected in the Khandbari village in association with getting books for the school library. Again, with most of these, transportation costs will likely be the most prohibitive factor. I still believe 100% that you will find the most success if you focus primarily on the organizations working inside Nepal already, including publishing and book distribution houses.
Better World Books
The International Book Bank

Neighbours interested in Donations

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