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Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Dear neighbours

Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST) a registered non profit distributing trekking company has been established in Khandbai in Sankhuwasabha District of Eastern Nepal in 2010 by Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF).

MAST would like to offer our guests a unique and alternative trekking service around Makalu and Arun Valley region, of Nepal, a mostly untouched trekking area where the skyline is a panorama of rugged Himalayan peaks including Mt Everest, Mt. Kanchanjunga, Mt.Makalu and other peaks above 8,000m.

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Hi everyone-

Tejanath and I spoke yesterday for quite some time about the project. The local community remains very invested in further development of the website ( We talked a lot about the website being a tool for marketing versus the entire focus of the project. I explained that right now I feel the focus is a bit like putting "the cart before the horse." Tejanath proposed first developing the website and then coming up with a plan for approaching tourism. I explained to him that it should actually be the other way around.


Status: Finished

Along with the information provided by the local representative, help formulate the tasks the Neighbours will work on.

5 Key Questions posed to the local community:

1. Where is the community located? (city and country)

My community is located in Sankhuwasabha district of Eastern Nepal.

2. What is the name of the community?

The name of my community is Sankhuwasabha.

3. What is the concrete problem the community wants to address?

Our community would like to address the following twin problems:

Groups and villages about eco-tourism

Neighbours interested in eco-tourism

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