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Hi Tom!

Welcome to Nabuur! It's great to see more people from the USA joining to volunteer.

The resources you posted are fantastic. I really like the compilation of success stories in one place, that certainly makes things easier. I also liked the description of ecotourism-it sets a good foundation for learning more about the basics.

We'd like to invite you to join the village as a volunteer. Please also feel free to introduce yourself to the rest of the volunteer team. We're a small group right now, but hopefully growing soon.

Find examples of successful ecotourism camps and organizations supporting ecotourism start-ups

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

My village wants to start a campsite at the foot of Nguruman hills (Entasopia).

For this task, we are seeking volunteers to help us find examples of successful ecotourism projects and organizations that provide support (financial or otherwise) to promote the development of ecotourism projects such as ours.

Hi everyone-

I was able to connect with Tejanath a couple days ago and wanted to give you a brief update on what's been going on:

Tejanath said that the Sankhuwasabha Tourism Committee (STC), together with stakeholders in the community, arranged for an exhibition of products in Khandbari. Most of the handicrafts in Khandbari were on demonstration. Tejanath said that he does have some photos of the event that he will send, but I have not received them as of yet.

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