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I would love to help edit this project! The idea seems really cool. I can help edit any texts you have that you want to send out to people, just to check for mistakes and make them more effective. Let me know if you are interested in that!

Just one thing...in paragraph three, line two, you use "I.e.". This is not the proper use of the term, because the example given here is not the only example of terrible conditions in the CDC camps. Instead, you should use "e.g.". This may seem like a little thing, but little things like this can make a huge difference!

Review & Edit - Keframa College Website

Status: Finished

One of our volunteers, Marina Klimi, created a new website for Keframa College located here:


For this task, we are requesting assistance with reviewing the content of the new website and making suggestions for any changes or edits that may be needed. Please list your suggestions here.

First documents that need editing and comments.

Please see attached
Anna Soper

Edit Terimbere School Documents

Status: Stalled
Time needed: 
Two hours

From time to time we will be posting documents that need attention (editing spelling, grammar, etc). Please help us edit these documents and then re-attach the edited versions to this post.


If any of you are available to help with an English edit to a proposal that Bramuel has been working on, I am looking for someone to go through it and make corrections. I would like to have another set of eyes look it over before I give it a final go through myself.

If you're interested, please let me know! We'd like to get this proposal submitted as soon as possible.

Thank you!


Hi Samarpita!

It is great to hear from you. In terms of writing/editing, at the present time there is not much written information. St. Charles Special Needs School has a website that Lotte created located here:


One of our project tasks is to work on developing a disability awareness program. For this, we will likely need assistance with both writing and editing. You will find this task listed in the Project Room of this village.

Hello everyone,
I've attached the first draft of a report drafted by Jean-Claude regarding the developments at our future higher school. We need this to be edited for spelling and grammar and tidy it up so it can be posted to our blog at Wordpress, and, once our website is created, on our website (DSNews.tv - potentially).

Please view the document, make changes, and resubmit to this task. Thanks for your help with this!

Anna Soper, facilitator


My name is Jodi, and I live in Orlando, Florida in the U.S. I am a career writer and look forward to sharing the stories of NABUUR's many projects!

I enjoy traveling and have lived in many countries throughout the world. The first time I ever lived outside of the United States was when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. It was an incredible experience as well as a very challenging one.

I am excited about working with everyone here at NABUUR and look forward to accomplishing a lot!

I sent a copy of the Arrow Web Hospital brochure to Grace for updating this week. I am excited to see what she comes up with. I've been very impressed with her work in the Khandbari village, so I am certain that she will do a great job updating the brochure for the hospital as well.

Just wanted to let you know where we are with this at the moment.

Kind regards-


Edit and format website content

Status: Finished

Soon there will be a new website for Arrow-Web Hospital. The new website address will be www.arrowwebhospital.org. The new website is not yet posted because Steve, the designer wants to review each page with Bramuel before publishing it. I hope to also have a look before the site goes up as I've not yet seen it.

Neighbours interested in Editing

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