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Share Resources and Successful Poultry Farming Techniques

Status: Just started

Another area that CAPEC is considering for income-generation on Bitame Lucia Nursery School grounds is poultry farming. This is again something that many villages at Nabuur have incorporated into their projects. For this task, we are seeking examples of successful poultry farming techniques and best practices. We plan to use this information to write up a basic project plan, so please summarize your findings.

The hope is that income generated from this and the other projects will support building a proper toilet and a playground to improve the school grounds.

Hi Emmanuel-

I have been reading through the information you have posted and was wondering if you could provide some additional information about the poultry enterprise that you are currently working on. Are the chickens boilers? for eggs? breeding to sell?

Is food typically grown for the chickens or purchased? Are you looking toward expanding and developing the poultry business first, or looking toward other options?


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