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Hello, I found out a bit more information about using a credit card on
Basically, the only thing that gets charged to the card is the fee for each listing. So, for example, if we listed 3 scarves, we would be charged USD0.60cents for the first 4 months. Therefore, for each type of kniited good (eg, gloves, muffler, socks) we would need to say how many items we had to sell. The more items you have the more it costs (e.g 10 scarves will cost USD$2 for 4 months).

Hi- I found some information which is already going to prove difficult for Sabina and the women to overcome- I think!
In order to set up a Store (as a seller) some one in Yoshinkel needs to put their Credit Card details on the registration section, OR a Debit Card which is linked to something like VISA or MAstercard.
This would not normally be a problem for those in the West who have credit cards or bank cards but I am not sure if anyone in Sabina's group has anything like this?
What I am unsure exactly what the credit card details are used for. I need to find out some more info.

Hi- I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about exploring I have been very busy lately with work and overseas guests, but I have now downloaded lots of info on it so I hope to get back to you all very soon. I really like what I have seen so far on etsy- I hope it can work for Yoshinkel.

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