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Hello, am Liz, am a university graduate and i would like to volunteer though currently i live in Kampala(a teacher by profession from makerere university. How can offer my help?

Implementing the water, hygiene and sanitation project in Nakyerongosa

For the last two years, the Nakyerongosa (Uganda) community has been engaged in the task of increasing access among the people to safe water, latrines and good hygiene practices. Awareness has been increased among the people of the need for good hygiene practices to a certain extent.

Below is a list of bugs that have already been reported.

This is just a start... I will add to it when I find more:

  1. Facilitators have too many rights. Any facilitator can edit content of all villages
  2. The Village background can not be edited (only the top article, appearing under ‘Our project’)
  3. When changing the status of a task, it is moved to the first project of the village
  4. The newsletter function doesn’t work properly
  5. ...

Let me know which other things you've found that don't work properly!

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