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Hi Paul (and everyone)
I am new here, but have years of experience working in the development of projects involving all kinds of people, be they local communities, government agencies, private sector businesses, funding providers, professionals or anyone else not yet involved even! I have had to get groups of volunteers going from the start before now, when it seemed nobody was interested! I have a way of persuading people to say yes or at least to think twice about saying no! ; )


The following appears under your task above:

"Our Aim: We aim at supporting (fund-raising)"...etc
End of quote

I have recently come across another village on nabuur in Uganda where they are desperately trying to arrange funds to build a school on land which is donated, and the land can be taken back by the donors if construction of the school does not happen within a certain date.

What is the precise support that you can provide for fund-raising for this village?


Hi Norasco,

While you wait for fund-providers to contact you through this task, you could also check out another task that I noticed on nabuur recently:

This group claims to also help with fund-raising, in addition to several other tasks. Though they have not replied to my query about the charges for their services, you could try your luck with them about your need for funds for mosquito nets.


Hi Stephen,

Further to my posts on the other thread of your village for the Matopeni school, the following ideas for fund-raising could also be examined by you:

- If the business model of your school shows generation of net profits + all laws of the land are fulfilled + all documents are in order --- you could discuss with your local bank for a loan. Loan instalments with interest will have to be paid back from the profits of the school. This will be the fastest route to achieving your target of fund-raising.


Hello Ildikó and Stephen,

It is good to know that you have the basics already worked out and are just waiting for the funds to roll in. In my previous post I had felt it necessary to take you straight to the issue of funds, since that is obviously what the task is all about, and engaging neighbours in discussions or seeking opinions on non-fund issues is simply going to delay matters and will not translate into funds for your village.

Since you already own the land, the next logical steps are:

- from your own experience, estimate the number of classrooms and other facilities required for the school (can be done locally at your end)
- contact a few architects and local builders for an estimate of expenditure for construction of the school (must be done locally at your end)
- arrange funds for construction of the school

Thank you for clarifying your approach to this task, Jennifer. I also hope that the village will directly involve with the discussions on this thread, in addition to your own efforts. This is necessary since the benefits of this task must eventually reach the village, and a capability to manage these benefits effectively must be evident at the village on the ground. So far, the village has expressed their need solely for funds as I have quoted in my post above. You could encourage the village to post directly on this thread instead of private messages to you.


My post above was with specific reference to the comments dated 23 June 2010 where Norasco has mentioned the following:

Quoting Norasco:
"What we need you to help with is a fund,can you give us a fund yourself or can you find any where to seek fund on behalf of our village?"

Again quoting Norasco:
"...but first we are in need of fund to conduct this project We request you to help us with a fund from youself or from any where you know,..."

End of quotes.


Your posts of 23 June 2010 indicate that your basic need is for funds. It will help your task if you can change the heading to "FUND-RAISING for Home Basic Care Project". Please use uppercase (capital letters) to make it loud enough.

People will generally read the whole content only if the first few words are of interest to them. By keeping "FUND-RAISING" as the first word in the heading, you can ensure more readership of your task by fund-providers.

The existing headline calls for a general discussion, and is not suitable if the purpose of your task is fund-raising.

If you can change the heading of this task to "FUND-RAISING TO PROVIDE ROOF FOR CLASSROOMS", it might get immediately noticed by fund-providers. Uppercase (capital letters) will make the heading loud enough.

Your earnings can be multiplied by conducting classes in shifts, where the two classrooms can host more students.


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