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In case funding and fundraising are to be promoted through nabuur, this platform could be actively promoted upfront as a fundraising site, so that it attracts members with relevant and genuine interests in funding and fundraising.

On the other hand, if funding or fundraising are not the purpose of nabuur, this must be made clear upfront to all concerned, so that issues of funding or fundraising do not creep in as hidden agendas under disguise in various discussions.


Are there any parents/guardians of the students at your school who could make the desks? If so, approximately how much would it cost to have them constructed? Depending on the cost, Friends of Kenya may be able to help you. Here is a link to their funding guidelines:


Rev Teh -

Did you follow up on all of the suggestions I made in the other task? Can you update regarding what the end result was of those contacts?

Also, please frequently check the main overview page of the Fundraising Group. I added a feed this week to that page that will update daily any new funding opportunities posted on Many of the funds they post you would qualify to apply for.

All the best-


I am happy to work on these together, but would like to chat with you first so that I understand the needs and priorities of the project. This will make it a lot easier to work on. Each opportunity has different requirements that we will need to follow.


This foundation is based in the United States. According to their website:

"NEBF is an independent private foundation started in 1982 by the founder of New England Biolabs, Inc. to support grassroots organizations working with the environment, social change, the arts, elementary education, and science."

From their website:

"Our aim is to raise money to build schools in rural Africa through our partner NGO Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS), Cameroon.

In addition to clean, hygienic and well-constructed classrooms, we aim to ensure clean drinking water and sanitation facilities are available at each of the schools we support, in order to help improve the health of the children."

According to their website: "The Challenge Fund aims to support innovative, small-scale high-impact projects from the grassroots under the themes of democracy, human rights and climate change."

Bidding for 2009/2010 is now closed, but the website indicates that bids can be sent in at any time.

Specific guidelines and a project application form are located on their website. I have attached them here for your convenience.

All the best-


According to their website, Progressive Initiative Cameroon (PICAM)

"is dedicated to improving and transforming the Cameroonian society through innovative research, practice, and programs based on a collection of factors necessary to foster an overall improvement in human dignity."

They have several different project focus areas located here:

There are application forms in each section that I looked at. This may be of benefit for both the school and the small business project.

All the best-


Friends of Cameroon is a group of returned Peace Corp Volunteers. According to their website, they provide small grants of about 1/4 the total cost of the project. Applicants must demonstrate their ability to contribute to the project as well. More information can be found here:

I have attached a copy of their application.

Hope to talk soon-


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