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This is a list that Mary Smith has compiled of funding sources addressing a variety of needs. I did not sort through it to see which would apply specifically for your project, but this is also a good resource and lists several places where other Nabuur villages have successfully been able to secure financial support for their projects.

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Still looking for more fundraisers for the disabled workshop Project in Jinkfuin Cameroon.

From Jean-Claude:
"It would be really very appreciable if we could achieve a task of fundraising 500-700 USD for this conference. The participants will edit statuts, Academic Charter and courses. They will also adopt them and do election of Staff committee members.

If we don't do that in a conference, our project will not be approved by the Ministry of Education and UNESCO in Burundi. "

Please help!!!

Anna Soper

Identify Funding Sources for Workshop for Disabled Project

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

A project proposal for a workshop for disabled people and Youths have been drawn up. We are looking for potential funding sources. Help us find one.

There were a couple of posts here that were concerning the funding of another project in a different village. The situation and numbers had nothing to do with Bukoggolwa, however, it got some replies that are worth mentioning and summarizing, as there is valuable information that “Barb Brigs” provided.
The following were the important points to highlight:

1. To find a donor for a large sum is hard and “unsustainable”. It is always best to try to raise funds internally from the beginning.

Microloan Funds Received by the Community

Funds raised now in the hands of the community!

Task 4 - Fundraising

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Crunch time! Hopefully we would have done a great job in Tasks 1 - 3 resulting in a "perfect" document to present to prospective donors. We will need to develop a fundraising pack in line with established practice, get this reproduced and sent out to a list of prospective donors that we would have compiled.

Hi Walude- great job on the July newsletter! I took a look at it and have some feedback for you.

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