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Help Secure Story Books, Reference Books and Teaching Materials for the School

Status: Just started

Students at the school do not have access to a library. Teachers are provided with "Teacher's Guides" and students are provided with text books, but they have very limited access to other types of fun reading materials and reference books. Ideally these books will be written in Nepali, but other books appropriate for students in grades 1-5 (ages 7-12) would be welcome. Room to Read has provided a donation already and some additional resources were provided by a volunteer a few years ago. Other than this, no other donations have been received to date.


Status: In progress

We would like to wish you all a very warm welcome to the Masaka Village! If you have just joined us, please take the time to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little bit about youself. If you have a specific skill set or specific interest in this project or a task noted above, please don't forget to tell us. We are very grateful that you have chosen to volunteer your time to help our village.

Find and contact organisations that donate books

Status: In progress

Through the efforts of many Neighbours over the past 18 months Garden Library has received many donated books! The library has the capacity to hold over 4000 books however right now the library holds 500 books. We have empty shelves! The Library needs more books!

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