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25 Beneficiaries receive goats

Today, the 7th, Nov 2009 has been a very great day in the lives of the orphaned children in Kisozi! 25 beneficiaries of the goat project run by HAU received a goat each in the third lot of the distribution.

Progress in Walungu

Walungu community, together with online neighbours from all over the world, has been working hard on achieving better living conditions. First steps are to improve nutrition and accessibility to safe water sources.

Goat project

Status: Stalled
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

38 children of Hope Alive Uganda have now received a goat in our goats project. The project is running well and several goats have given birth. In April/May 2010 the first offspring will be handed to other orphans.

Updates on the goat project and information about breeding goats can be posted here.


10 goats

1 goat per child

Hi Leutele (is this your first name?),

Hi everybody,

Hope you had a nice week-end. I am back from Scotland, and wow, Wakitaka has been so busy. I had so much fun looking at the pictures you took, Emmanuel. The white-black goat is actually my favorite one:) Haven´t seen any so funny sheep in Scotland:)
I hope that the goats and chicks are fine and that the youths will soon see the first results of all their work. Good luck!!! If I remember well, Emmanuel told us in the chat with Sonia that the goats were old enough for breeding. Am I right, Emmanuel?

Hi Neighbors,

Thanks for your compliments to the on going projects. I am also indeed delighted to have the two projects commence in the village. Thanks for your in put.


Hi Sonia and everybody,

Emmanuel sent me a mail saying that he had some technical problems to post his response and documents. So here is, what he has sent me:

Hi Sonja,

The Treasurer of the group is a lady. She is called Mebo. She has skills in book keeping since she had done it before. She has a ledger book that she uses to make records of any expenses incurred by the group.

Hello everyone,

I would like to commend such a hard working local representative! Thanks Emmanuel for all the info. That's great that you managed to speak to the families that breed goats and to get valuable information.

Hi Esther and Sonja,

Following from our chat on Saturday evening, I propose that the following items be the focus of manual development at the present time. We can then move on to animal health care, followed by Milk production later.

The items that are marked with an asterisk* are probably the easiest to act out and photograph, but feel free to experiment and tackle other topics if you like.

Groups and villages about goats

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    Walungu, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
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