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Kayole Estate in Embakasi District / Constituency is a 20 minutes drive East of Nairobi central business district. It holds approximately 20% of 925.775 total constituency population. Majority are of middle and lower class.

Dear Neighbors and Friends!

I am very happy to inform you about a visit in Matopeni I have done -together with representants for an organization in Finland - in February. It was a great feeling to stay there and see with own eyes in real life the results of every steps and efforts we have done together with you. Of course it was Stephen who practically carried out the whole project and he did a fantastic job.

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Stanley, how many beds at the facility? Is it all outpatient based or inpatient as well?


hi Joseph
my compliments having written your businessplan.
But i think, and agree on that with Carolyn, it IS too ambitious and needs a planning scheme as building up is concerned and in time.
I say too ambitious because even in a wealthy country as the Netherlands your plan would not be financed.

Hi Joseph, I took a look at some of the websites you mentioned on a post about 2 weeks ago.
Whilst they are good resources, they are not really ones which you can rely on at this stage of your project. The reason for this, I believe, is because many of these sites offer volunteer opportunities
(in a health/medical setting) for organisations that already have some kind of health facility, or program. Many of the organisations are established NGO's (Non- government organisations) or Christian Missions etc.

Hi Joseph
to start with: it must be burdensome to care for your mother in the state she is, and maybe you will have bitter feelings sometimes knowing elsewhere much more organized support is available.

Medical Home Care Service - a community-led program

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Caring for elderly relatives who suffer from chronic illness and/or Alzheimer's Disease is a huge burden for the very poor of Vijayapuram. The quality of life for the bed-ridden elderly patients can be miserable, as the financial burden of taking relatives to seek medical attention can be too much for some. This Task seeks fresh ideas, links, advice and fund-raising ideas around setting up a community-programme where medical and palliative care can be provided to bed-ridden patients, by locally trained community volunteers and trained medical staff such as Nurses and Doctors.


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